Which is the best free offline dictionary for android

Most Android apps work online since most smartphones are connected to internet 24/7.

But there times, when you don’t have access to internet like when your data pack had just expired while you are travelling, you want to save your battery or like me you are using android tablet which runs only on wifi. So I realized that it’s important to have offline dictionary for android as well.

offline dictionary for android


But there is one big problem with offline dictionary. Since they have to work offline, their database is stored locally which will eat up lot of internal memory.

A typical offline dictionary app on android consume 100-200 mb of internal memory. For premium smartphones who have more than 8 GB internal memory it won’t be any problem. But for an entry level android especially if you are running short on your internal memory than you will have to compromise with the database size of dictionary and go for smaller one.

And after doing some research and try all the available options, I have come up with 3 best free offline dictionary for android ordered by their size.

3 Free offline dictionary download

1. English Dictionary – Offline

Size- 15 MB

English Dictionary - Offline

It is best dictionary that you can have if you have limited internal memory.  Another good things that I found is that, it also has Word pronunciation option, which is really great if English is not your first language. But you need to make sure that your device support Text-to-speech functionality tough.

It also shows suggestion as you type, which is helpful if you are not sure about the correct spelling of the word. But the only drawback I found is due to its small size it doesn’t support many words but still I found it perfect is you are looking for basic dictionary app in android.

2. Dictionary – WordWeb

Size-100MB (App 28 Mb+Data 64 Mb)

Dictionary - WordWeb is free offline dictionary

I found this dictionary app better than the former one, because of it’s large database. This app has large word collection and also support words, phrases, Synonyms and derived forms like nouns and adjective similar to what we find in the other offline dictionary for android. Another good thing that really impressed me was that it has no advertisement.

So if you are an author, english teacher or need something little more than a basic dictionary then  go for this app. The only downside to this app is it consume a lot of memory space which is not suitable for basic smartphones with less internal memory.

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3. Offline dictionaries

Size-Varies with package you install (usually more than 100 MB)
Offline dictionaries- free multi language offline dictionary

Although I am not a big fan of this one, it can useful to anyone looking for multi language packs in dictionary. It support  more than 40 multi-lingual dictionaries which include most common one like English to French, English to Arabic and English to Hindi.

The initial size of this app is around 2MB but after you install it, you will asked to install the language package that you like to install. Here is the screenshot of some of the size of packages. Good news is you can download the packages to your SD cards so you don’t have to worry about the size. Although I haven’t tried it myself, as I don’t have external memory card support on my android.

Try this app is you are looking for English to your regional language dictionary, otherwise stick to the previous ones.

These are some of the best download free offline dictionary for android. If you face any problem with any of them then let me know.

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