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How to Get Bits on Twitch and Cheer Your Favorite Streamer

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to Get Bits on Twitch

The only official way to support streamers on Twitch is by using bits. You can buy bits on Twitch and then donate them to your favorite streamers to support them. There are third-party options to support too like Patreon and buying merchandise but bits are widely preferred by most streamers. In return, the message that you send on the chat with bits gets more attention with animated cheermotes and you also get a badge for supporting the streamer. It can be also used to chat in sub-only chats. Here’s how you can buy bits, manage them, support streamers, and everything about Cheermotes and Badges that you need to know.

How to Get Bits on Twitch Website

You can buy Bits only on Twitch and they offer discounts on bulk purchases. Also, the value of bits changes from time to time which is something you should look out for if you want to save some money.

1. To buy bits, first, head over to the Twitch website and click on the Get Bits button at the top right corner.

Getting bits on Twitch website

2. This will open a drop-down menu with all the plans that are currently available. Select one that you want to buy.

Checking out Twitch plans

3. On the next page, complete the payment with your credit card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay. Twitch also supports payments through Twitch gift cards if you have them.

How to Get Bits on Live Stream Chat

Another way to purchase bits is from the Live Stream chatbox. If you wish that your comments get more attention from the streamer, you can quickly buy bits directly in the chatbox itself without leaving it`. Here’s how.

1. Click on the diamond-shaped Bits icon in the Stream’s chatbox.

2. It will display the number of bits that you currently own. To purchase more, click on Get Bits option.

Getting Twitch bits through Stream chat

3. Select a plan from the pop-up window and complete the payment with a credit card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay.

How to Buy Bits on Twitch’s Mobile App

If you are using the mobile app, the only way to get bits is through stream chat.

1. Open any live stream’s chatbox and you will find the bits icon on the right in the message bar.

Getting bits through stream chat on smartphone

2. Then tap on the Get Bits button

Choosing the Get Bits option

3. Select how many bits you want to buy at a time from the available plans.

Checking the bits prices on smartphone

4. Now complete the payment via Google Play payment on Android or Apple Pay on iOS.

Completing Twitch bits payment through Google Play

Once done, the bits will be added to your account. You can confirm that by opening any Twitch stream and tapping on the Bits icon. There you should see the bits that you currently own.

How to Set-up Auto-Refill Bits

Twitch also supports an auto-refill feature, so that you don’t have to be worried about running out of them during a live stream. You can set the minimum number of bits that you would like to purchase when your account balance reaches a preset number. You can only set it up on a desktop though.

  1. First, click on the profile picture located in the top right corner and select Wallet from the drop-down menu.
Wallet option on Twitch

2. Select the Bits Auto-Refill option from the menu.

Bits Auto-Bits on Twitch

3. Auto-Refill option only works when you have activated two-factor authentication. If you can’t find any way to set auto-refill in this section, click on the profile picture > Settings > Security and privacy and click on Set-up Two Factor Authentication. Complete the authentication process by verifying your phone number.

4. Once done, get back to the Auto-Refill section. Here select the value of the minimum bits beside Refill bits when I have fewer using the drop-down.

Refill Bits when I have fewer than option on Twitch

5. Select the plan that you like to auto-fill every time, and then set up the payment option.

Once done, Twitch will automatically fill your bits when they reached the set minimum level.

How to Cheer Your Favorite Streamer with Bits

Here’s how you can spend bits and show your support for streamers.

1. Open a stream that you want to donate to. In the Stream’s chatbox, click on that diamond-shaped Bits icon.

2. On the pop-up that follows, you will find cheermotes that costs from 1 bit to 10,000 bits. Select the number of bits that you would like to donate. There is no way to enter a number manually.

Supporting Streaming through Bits

3. Now enter a message and click on Chat. Your message will be highlighted with the cheermote beside it and your bits will be successfully sent to the steamer.

The more bits you send to the streamer, the more badges you earn on that channel.

What Are Cheermotes and Badges

Cheermotes are donation levels where you can donate anywhere from 1 bit to 10,000 bits. Each amount has its own cheermote which will also appear before your username on the message that you leave on the Twitch live chat. You also have the option to cheer anonymously. Apart from that, streamers can also create custom cheermotes if they want to, but here are the default ones.

Bits Emotes

You earn a new badge every time you cross a threshold while donating bits to a channel to show your support. This means whenever you send a message, your username with earned badges will be shown on that specific channel. Streamers can customize the requirements for the badges and add as many custom badges as they like. Here are the default channel badges.

Cheer Chat Badges


Can You Refund Bits on Twitch?

You don’t have an option to refund bits on Twitch other than when having technical issues. Buying bits is an irreversible action and you can only cheer your favorite streamer with them. You can start streaming from one account and support it with bits from another. Do remember, when you purchase bits, Twitch will cut around 30% from the initial purchase. So when you collect the money this way, you will receive 30% less than the initial amount you spent.

Can We Gift Bits to Someone?

No, there’s no way to gift bits to someone. But again, you can gift them when someone is streaming.

Other Ways of Supporting Streamers on Twitch?

Some other notable ways are subscriptions and merchandise. But most channels don’t support other methods except bits.

What Is the Value of the Bits?

The value of bits keeps changing from time to time. Also, it is cheaper when you purchase more bits in one go. When you purchase bits from Twitch, you will be paying 30% more than the actual value because of Twitch’s cut.

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