Difference Between Mega bits and Mega Bytes

So you have 1 Mb/s broadband connection, but you get only 100 kB/s downloading speed. Ever wonder why you get only 1/8th of the internet speed as promised by your service providerAre you the only one who is getting slow internet speed? In this article, we will find out the real reason behind slow internet speed.

mega bits and mega bytes

Why is my internet so slow

First of all, You are not getting lesser speed than promised by your ISP, and you get what you paid for. There’s no way they can cheat you but most of us failed to realize is the simple difference b/w mega bits and mega bytes per second.

So what is the difference between mega bits and mega bytes per second?

1 Megabits per second (1Mb/s) is equal to 1 million bursts of electric current and used as a standard in telecommunication and networking field.

1 Megabyte  (1MB/s) is used as data transfer rate used in computing like for example when we are copying data to the flash drive.

The broadband plan is in Mb/s and not MB/s.

Megabit vs. Mega Byte

We know that 1 Byte= 8 bits, which means if you were promise 1 Mb/s (Megabits/sec) will turn out to be .128 MB/s (Megabyte/sec) or 1024 / 8 = 128 kilobytes (kB) download speed.

This means you only get 1/8th of the broadband speed. But still 128 KB/s is ideal, and you will be lucky if you get this speed on 1 Mb/s line. Here are some other factors that further reduce your speed, like your connection to the wireless router which is connected ISP modem and finally modem connection to ISP server. And again another way round. The longer the distance from the base station lesser will be the internet speed.

While considering the wired and wireless transmission of data, your speed will further decrease from 128 kB/s. Leaving you not more than 100-120 kilo bytes /sec.

So is there anything we can increase our speed?

Not much, Upgrading your plan is the only option that will help much. While other things like clear temp files and browser cache and going wired over wireless might increase your speed a little. While Taking speed test, I get 4 Mb/s download speed while my actual downloading speed while using default browser downloader or torrents ranges from 400-450 KB/s only.   Transmission_142

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