How do i get rid of annoying ads on facebook

As more and more people are joining Facebook, the no of ads are also increasing. I remember back in 2010 when I joined Facebook, there were very fewer ads on my new feeds as compare to what I see now. The company claims that these highly targeted ads which give users exactly what he/she is looking for. And I do agree with them but sometimes there are so many infeeds ads that it become difficult to differentiate between ads and original post.

get rid of annoying ads on facebook

So if you’re looking for quick way to get rid of these ads then you have to come to right place. In this article I will be explaining different ways to get rid of them.

According to Facebook help guide,

If you don’t want to see a specific ad, you can click the x on the top right corner of the ad and choose I don’t want to see this. You can’t block Facebook ads entirely. Ads help keep Facebook free and we strive to show you only ads that are relevant and interesting to you.

I agree, that ads are important source of revenue for every websites but at the same time it should not overhead the user experience. I my case ads are so targeted enough to distract me from my workflow. And to maintain my productivity on Facebook, I am left with no way but to block some of the annoying ads.

To block single infeeds, click on the small down arrow beside the ad post and select I don’t want to see this option.

Facebook suggestion ads

Facebook do give you ability to control your name associated with the product to your friends. When you like some product or services. They use this information to target your friends. If you don’t want that then go to your setting > Ads > change third party apps to no one.

block ads on Facebook

There is ones in for all solution, which can block all annoying ads from facebook with few simple clicks. There are mainly 2 Types of Ads on Facebook

  • Sidebar ads
  • Sponsors ads on Newsfeed
And with Browser extension you can block all unwanted ads on Facebook. They have list of all major ads providers and when they see these ads on the page with the keywords advertisement, sponsor etc they block it and it also decrease the page loading time. 
There are many browser extension available on the stores but the best I would like to recommend to you  is FB Purity. It is cross platform ad blocking extension Works on all browser including chrome, firefox, safari and opera etc.

Steps to get rid of Facebook ads using FB purity

  1. Install FB purity from this link.
  2. After the installation is successful you will see FBP logo in the top of the  FB search option.
  3. Click on FBP to modify the ads. See the screenshot below.

FB purity help to get rid if Facebook ADS

You can select the app that you want to hide by checking it, remember that some ads are relevant and may present you, what you with something that you really need. So you may want to uncheck some options.

The purpose of this article is not to block Ads on Facebook, but to get rid of annoying ads on facebook. Even Facebook needs to make money in order to provide you quality service for free and this is only possible by displaying ads.


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