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How to Get Samsung S20 Ultra Wallpapers on Any Android Phone

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On August 5, Samsung launched a whole slew of products in its Unpacked event. What caught everyone’s eye was the Mystic Bronze Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Fold 2. Additionally, the wallpapers on the QHD 120HZ screen were scintillating. And talking about, here’s how you get Samsung S20 Ultra, Z Fold wallpapers on any Android phone.

Get Samsung S20 Ultra, Z Fold 2 Wallpapers on Any Android Phone

1. Download Wallpapers Directly

Courtesy to @ishanagarwal24, you can download Galaxy Note 20 wallpapers directly from this Google Drive link and Fold 2 wallpaper from this Google Drive link. In all, there are 5 wallpapers from the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, 4 wallpapers for the Z Fold 2. The Note 20 has a Full-HD (2,400×1,080) 60 Hz display while the Note 20 Plus (3,088×1,440) has a QHD 120 Hz display. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has a 2,208 x 1,768 120Hz display.

However, amongst the Note 20 Ultra wallpapers, only the 1st wallpaper in this link is roughly QHD resolution while the rest of them are simply HD resolution. The entire file weighs around 11 MB. Considering the 120 Hz display on the Note 20 Ultra and Z Fold 2, it’s safe to assume the wallpapers are apt for a 90Hz/120 Hz display.

Download Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Wallpapers

Download Galaxy Z Fold 2 Wallpapers

2. Wallpaper App

In case you feel too lazy to download and apply all those wallpapers, there’s an alternate option as well. WalP is a wallpaper app that provides all the latest wallpapers in one place. Once you have installed the WalP app, open it and head over to the 2nd tab. This tab presents all the latest wallpapers. For instance, right now, it has all Note 20 wallpapers followed by Z Fold 2 wallpapers and then Pixel 4A wallpapers.

Download WalP


As of now, there’s no lead on the Live wallpapers from the Note 20 or Z Fold 2. We’ll update this article once we get hold of them.

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