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How to Get Edge’s Vertical Tab Feature on Chrome and Firefox

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Get Edge's Vertical Tab Feature on Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft Edge’s new feature of vertical tabs almost made me switch to Edge. It makes better use of my 16:9 desktop display. It’s also refreshing to use a new layout after years of using the same tabs arranged at the top. But switching everything to a new browser is something I am not looking for. So I have decided to bring the vertical tabs feature to the browsers I normally use. If you don’t want to switch from Chrome or Firefox either, then here’s how you can get vertical tabs on Chrome and Firefox.

How to Get Vertical Tabs in Chrome

There are multiple ways to get vertical tabs in Chrome using extensions like Sidewise Tree Style Tabs, Tab Tree, Tab Manager Plus, etc. But most of them have a really bad UI or confusing layout to navigate. After trying several extensions, these are the ones that we recommend to get vertical tabs in the Chrome browser.

1. Vertical Tabs by Michael

This is by far the best extension that installs vertical tabs the way you looking for. The interface looks completely similar to Edge’s vertical tabs including the minimize button. Unlike Edge, you actually have a few settings to adjust the sidebar position, squeezing webpage, tab title, dark mode, etc. The extension is straightforward to begin using and the action of switching tabs, closing, or opening new tabs is actually faster compared with other extensions.

Vertical Tabs by Michael

But there are a few downsides too. The most notable one is that it does not work in the Chrome Web Store, new tab page, and other pages like history and settings.


  • Looks similar to the vertical tabs on Edge
  • Options to enable dark mode, change sidebar position, etc.


  • Does not work in Chrome pages such as new tab, settings, history, Chrome Web Store, etc.
  • Have to enable the extension every time after minimizing

Download Vertical Tabs by Michael

2. Vertical Tabs by Samihaddad

This isn’t an exact replica of the Edge’s vertical tabs, but one feature made this extension a go-to for me. It lists all the tabs from all the windows, so switching tabs between multiple windows actually made life easier. As you also have a lot of vertical space, you can actually take a look at all the open tabs in one clear view. Additionally, it provides the option to show only tabs in the current window or use separators to divide them.

 Vertical Tabs by Samihaddad showing tabs from multiple chrome windows

But this extension does not add vertical tabs that sticks to the browser. It opens up as a separate window. So you either need to press Alt+Tab to open it every time or use the split-screen option to use the browser and vertical tabs at the same time.


  • Shows all the tabs from all the windows.
  • Provides a bit of customization for some minor tweaks.


  • Opens in a separate window making it hard to access when your vertical tab is mixed with a plethora of windows.
  • Tabs are a bit compact and no option to resize them.

Download Vertical Tabs by Samihaddad

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How to Get Vertical Tabs in Firefox

Similar to Chrome, Firefox has support for a ton of add-ons that adds vertical tabs. But Firefox add-ons are a lot better with clean UI and comparatively functionality. Though I can recommend you four to five add-ons easily, here are two that I think are well-designed.

1. Tab Center Reborn by Melanie Chauvel

Tab Center does more than I actually wanted. It not only shows you tabs in vertical format but also displays thumbnails. This might be a small feature but helps me quickly spot the tab I want to open. Anyhow, you also get a few settings to choose from where you can disable such features. This also supports your browser theme, so it blends with your browser completely.

Tab Center Reborn add-on on Firefox

There aren’t any downsides except for saying it doesn’t actually look like a vertical tab. But nonetheless, it gets the work done even better.


  • Shows a thumbnail beside the tab to help identify
  • Blends into the browser design making it look like an in-built option


  • Doesn’t actually look like a vertical tab as in Edge if you consider it as a negative

Download Tab Center Reborn by Mélanie Chauvel

2. Tree Style Tab by Piro

This might not be an exact replica, but in the world of vertical tabs, the Tree Style Tab offers way more functionality. You can list tabs in a hierarchy by creating a parent tab and child tabs below it. It is useful to manage tabs easily by grouping and collapsing all the child tabs in a single click.

My only concern is that tabs are so compact that sometimes, I end up clicking on the above or below tab mistakenly. It may take some time to get used to.


  • Tree style layout with tabs that can be arranged in a hierarchy.


  • Tabs are too compact and no options to resize them.

Download Tree Style Tab by Piro

Tree Style Tab add-on on Firefox

Final Thoughts on Vertical Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

While vertical tabs extensions in Chrome replicate Edge’s vertical tabs, Firefox add-ons are a lot better in usability and functionality. Anyhow, using any of the above extensions or add-ons can get the job done easily.

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