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8 Best Google Chrome Themes for You to Try in 2021

by Sagar Naresh

Tired of the same boring Google Chrome appearance? Want to give it a complete overhaul? Then you are at the right place. Because in this post, we will share some of the best Google Chrome themes you should try right now. New themes will not only give an aesthetic change to Chrome browser, but will also enhance your overall browsing experience. There are a variety of Google Chrome themes available on the Chrome Web Store. But here are our top picks for Chrome themes.

Google Chrome Themes

1. Just Black

Personally, Just Black is clean Google Chrome theme you can try. Once this theme is applied, it completely darkens the entire look of the browser, including the New Tab page, Bookmark bar, top bar, and others. Since this theme comes straight from the house of the official Chrome team, it assures stability, reliability, and regular updates. Keep in mind that Just Black puts black paint on every element of the browser. So, if you are a fan of colors, you might want to stay away from this. But for minimalists, this one is a gem.

Best Google Chrome theme Just Black

Download: Just Black

2. Stay Flo

Stay Flo theme got my attention the moment I found it in the Chrome Web Store. It is a popular theme for Chrome from Black Artists category. Applying Stay Flo theme turns the Chrome browser into peach color, which definitely looks refreshing. However, the standout feature is the background. Initially, I thought it was a bit overwhelming but later, the background became a treat for the eyes with its vibrant colors. And that quickly became one of my favorite things about Stay Flo.

Best Google Chrome theme Stay Flo

Download: Stay Flo

3. Color Fusion

If you love colors, then Color Fusion is a Google Chrome theme that you must try. It gives a gradient look to your Chrome browser. The good thing about the Color Fusion Chrome theme is that it has different gradients for different elements of the browser. For instance, the gradient on the bookmarks bar is different from the one on the tabs or address bar. This gives each section of the browser a distinct look. The theme is pleasant to look at.

gradient theme in chrome browser

Download: Color Fusion

4. Horizon Club Sydney

If you are an art lover, Horizon Club Sydney could be the perfect Google Chrome theme for you. It sets an abstract of the popular Sydney’s Harbour Bridge on the home page. Notably, it is said to be a reflection of the sun over the water beneath the bridge. Whatever the case may be, it looks beautiful and vibrant. Other elements of the browser like tabs, bookmarks bar, etc. are painted with a similar color to the abstract background.

Horizon Club Sydney Chrome theme

Download: Horizon Club Sydney

5. Ride the Wave

Another official theme by Chrome team under the Black Artists category is Ride the Wave. The most eye-catching thing about this Google Chrome theme is the background that shows a surfer surfing his way through a giant wave with floating bioluminescent jellyfish and shooting stars. A dark theme for those who love black themes but want to try something new. A dark shade of blue is equally good.

Google Chrome theme Ride the Wave

Download: Ride the Wave

6. Greek Beach

Missing traveling? Want to treat your eyes to a mesmerizing view of a Greek beach? Then you should definitely try out the Greek Beach theme for Chrome. Well, there are other landscape themes available, but either they are just backgrounds and do nothing good for the tabs or other elements of the browser, or are completely simple. Greek Beach gives you a brilliant home page background along with a soothing blue color top bar, bookmarks bar, etc. for that beachy vibe.

Download: Greek Beach

7. Batman Macabre

This list won’t be complete without a superhero Chrome theme in it. And who better than Batman to grace the list. You can call me a biased Batman fan but, I prefer someone with intelligence and beast-like human strength to someone who is an alien (cough! Superman). Coming back to the theme, Batman Macabre is a nice one with a mix of gold and black gradient spread across the top bar, bookmarks bar, and other elements. On the home page, you will be treated with a Batman background, which I believe looks good.

Download: Batman Macabre

8. Slate

Slate deserves a special mention. It is a pure example of how simple things can be appealing and attractive compared to things covered with unnecessary flashy elements. Being a minimalist, Slate is similar to the Just Black theme, but instead of an all-black appeal, it has a dark-bluish tone to it. The wallpaper is also plain and simple but looks brilliant. I found no issues reading texts or locating icons. Everything is perfectly visible and Slate is a must-try theme.


Download: Slate

Wrap Up: Google Chrome Themes

These are some of the best Google Chrome themes that we could find. Sure there are others and we all have our favorites. You can let us know yours on Twitter, maybe?

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