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10 Best Google Chrome VPN Extension

by Karrar Haider

In this privacy invasive world of internet, VPN is your best defense to keep your activity anonymous and safe. There are many VPN services available, but it can be a little tricky to find the right one for your needs. Each VPN service has servers in different countries, offer different free solutions and pricing also vary.

If you are looking for an overall good VPN service for your computer and mobile devices, then check out our article on 5 Best Free VPN Service. In this post, we’ll see top 10 best VPN extension for Chrome browser. You should be able to find a VPN extension in this list that fulfills all your needs.

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Best VPN Extension for Google Chrome

1. SaferVPN

SaferVPN is a great free option for people who don’t use VPN extensively but need access to different VPN servers. It offers 500MB/month free VPN with access to all of its advanced features and over 30 servers in different locations. Its features include 256-Bit Encryption, Multiple VPN protocols, no data tracking and a built-in automatic problem fixer. Although you can also complete various offers to get more bandwidth for free, upgrading to the pro plan for $5.99/month is the best way to get unlimited bandwidth.


2. Hola

Hola is a completely free (not even ads) VPN service that runs on community power.

Most VPN has their own server spread all around the world, but Hola has peer-to-peer based network, i.e. it uses PC and network resources of its users when their device is idle; kind of like BitTorrent.

And this comes with both advantages and disadvantages. For instance; Hola can provide a free VPN service that doesn’t depend on paid servers. But this can also be risky; since other people can use your network connection for browsing, you never know what illegal stuff they can do with your IP address. In fact a year ago, Hola was accused of selling users bandwidth to the botnets.

If you don’t want to be a peer, then you can upgrade to the premium version for $5/month that doesn’t depend on the peer-to-peer system.

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3. Hoxx VPN

A reliable VPN service that puts least restrictions on its free version. You can connect to over 50 server locations with unlimited switches and unlimited bandwidth. You will get 1024-bit end-to-end encryption and a static IP address with each connection. The free should work fine for most, but if you want faster servers, more locations, 4096-bit encryption and premium support, then you will have to go for premium version costing $4.99/month.


Although I am not sure if they let advertising agencies track your habits or not in the free version, as this protection is only listed in the paid version.

4. Gom VPN

This is a premium VPN service without any free packages, but if you are looking for speed, then it is a great option. They are proud of having 1000mbit servers that offer blazing fast browsing speed. VPNs always put some pressure on the overall speed of your connection, but Gom makes sure it is least. Gom costs $3.99/month without any limitations or ads.


5. Browsec

Browsec allows you use its VPN service for free with unlimited bandwidth and access to 4 different locations. It’s fast and very easy to use, and best of all it doesn’t require you to sign up to use its free VPN. However, if you want more speed and separate connections to the server, then you will have to upgrade to Pro for $3.33/month. Additionally, pro version lets you access more server locations.


6. ZenMate VPN

Another premium service in our list, ZenMate offers fast VPN service with servers in over 100 locations. It’s rather expensive as compared to other VPNs in this list costing $8.99/month, but it offers apps for Desktop, Browsers and mobile, and this fee covers all of them. Apart from fast VPN service, it also provides unique Wi-Fi network protection to ensure your data isn’t being tracked.

But recently, we have noticed too much browser ads on the free version of ZenMates; so you might want to take this into account.


7. DotVPN

A feature-rich VPN services with an excellent free solution and paid package worth upgrading. DotVPN offers unlimited bandwidth with access to over 12 locations for free. It has a built-in online malicious content protection to you protect you online and its compression tool compresses data to ensure you get faster speed with less data usage. You can upgrade to pro version for $2.99/month and get faster speed, faster streaming, 4096-bit encryption and a built-in TOR to access .onion websites in Chrome.


8. Hotspot Shield

Although Hotspot Shield’s desktop version is known for ads, but the Chrome extension has no ads and offer high-speed VPN for free. Unfortunately, Hotspot Shield will automatically choose the best location for you and you can’t select custom locations in the free version. It has Wi-Fi security to prevent hacking attempts and it doesn’t require any registration to use the free VPN. The pro version costs $29.95/year and offers faster speed and ability to change location.


One thing I liked about Hotspot Shield is its ability to run VPN for only selected websites, perfect for using VPN on only blocked websites.

9. TunnelBear

Similar to SaferVPN, TunnelBear also only offer 500MB of data per month with more accessible by completing offers. However, it offers awesome features and reliable protection. It never lets your connection get unencrypted, even if it disconnects; it will block all connections and only continue when the connection is protected. It’s fast, offers Wi-Fi protection, has servers in over 20 countries, can break through VPN blockers and a single account covers up to 5 devices. For unlimited bandwidth, you can upgrade to Pro for $4.16/month.


10. Betternet

As the name suggests, Betternet is created to make the internet better by offering a completely free VPN service. It’s a free VPN without any limitations, ads or speed throttling. Although Betternet is still a basic service with less control over where you would like to connect, it offers reliable speed and protection. If you are wondering how Betternet makes money, then you can check out their how is it free page. Although it also has a paid version for $2.50/month that offers more stable servers and connection control.


Wrapping Up

Betternet is the best option if you are looking for a complete free VPN package that is fast and reliable. Although DotVPN is also a great option if you want handy protection features for cheap.

Do let us know in the comments which one of this VPN extension for Chrome you like.

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