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Effectively use Google Search While Traveling

by Mrinal Saha

Are you planning your next vacation? Or looking forward to exploring new places? Or do you often travel for businesses? If an answer to any of these question is yes, then read along.

Google is the king of search. And I am sure you already use many Google products. Like Google search, Maps, Translate, etc. However, in this post we will see some not so obvious Google search keywords, that will make your travel more fun.


Google Search Tips & Tricks for Travelers

#1 Good Places for Sightseeing

Wouldn’t it be great if you can tell your friends which place to visit even if it’s your first time there?

Instead of digging information on websites or asking people on the forum (which take a lot of time), you can quickly ask Google.

Type in “things to do in __”  followed by the city or country name. Google will return the list of famous places. Click on the thumbnail, and you will see its description, direction, and reviews, etc. All under the hood.

Use Google to find a Good Places for Sightseeing

#2 Feel your destination

For a real-time preview, your destination uses the Google Street view.

Search for the location on Google maps, let say, Taj Mahal. And then drag and drop the small yellow men at the bottom right of the screen, to your destination on the Google Maps.

You will see a beautiful 360-degree view of Taj Mahal. For privacy, it will blur the faces of the people in the maps.

Use Google to see 360 degree view of places

#3 Get local sunrise/sunset 

Not every place has the same time for sunrise or sunset. So instead of just guessing that, why not ask Google. Type in Sunrise in Tokyo or any other place you is visiting.

Use Google to see local sunrise time

#4 Search Movie in your City

If you in some foreign land, you may not know which website list all the movies. For instance, book my show that works in India; will not work in another country. So do Google search like a movie in London.

Google will display movies with date, time and cinema hall.

find movies with simple google search

#5 Tracks Flights 

You can see the flight status directly on Google by just typing the name of the flights.

Tracks Flights With Google

#6 Search local time

Before making a call to someone living in different time zone, it’s always a better to check the time. You obviously don’t want to wake them from a middle of the sleep. So type in ‘time in city_name’ and Google will tell you the time there.

convert to local time

#7 Convert to local currency

When in the new place, you can do a quick Google search to convert their local currency to one of yours. No need for a dedicated app. I use it all the time to convert my Adsense earning to Indian rupees.

Other than that, you can also use convert cm to m, pound to kg and Celsius to Fahrenheit with Google search.

convert to local currency using Google


While traveling always snap a picture important documents like passport, visa, tickets or hotel address, etc. really , and email it to yourself. This comes in handy sometimes.


Top Image from Pixabay

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