100 Most Popular Internet slangs that Everyone should know

Weather you like it or not, Internet slangs are widely popular and if you don’t want to sound like your Mom then better take a look at them.

popular internet slangs

Origin of Internet slangs


Although there is no organization / community which is responsible for their standardization. It ‘s very hard tell their where do they come from. But most of them are originated from online chat rooms, games and later get popular on Social media like Facebook and twitter.

Some of the internet slangs used to have completely different meaning in past. For example IDK which is widely know as I don’t know, in the past stood for “Ident-A-Kid,” the largest child-identification program in the United States


Why internet slang are so popular?

Perhaps you won’t like to see these abbreviation used in your professional work and you might wonder works makes them so popular. Why are people using internet slangs.

First, it’s no brainer that internet slangs could be typed much faster than the actual meaning like OMG instead of Oh my god. And even though sometimes internet slang has same letters as they have in their meaning it’s still easier to say kk in the chat of multiplayer games instead of ok.

Popular Internet slangs on IM and Facebook chats


  • M/F          Are You Male or Female?
  • GN           Good Night
  • ASAP        As Soon As Possible
  • ASL          Tell me your Age,Sex and Location
  • SD             Sweet Dreams
  • BRB           Be Right Back
  • JK              Just Kidding
  • Tnx          Thanks
  • BTW          By The Way
  • K               Okay
  • TY             Thank You
  • ROFL         Rolling on Floor Laughing
  • LOL            Laugh out Loud
  • TTYL         Talk to you later
  • FYI             For Your Information
  • LMAO        Laugh My Ass Out
  • WTF           What The F**k
  • FB              Facebook
  • LMFAO      Laugh my f**king ass off
  • WTH          What the hell
  • GM            Good Morning
  • sry             Sorry
  • bbz            Babes
  • warez         Pirated software
  • LMK            Let Me Know
  • zzz             Sleeping
  • BFF             Best Friends Forever
  • Jk                Just kidding
  • B4               Before
  • L8               Late
  • plz              please
  • p911           parent emergency

Popular Internet Slangs on Twitter

  • RT retweet
  • CC carbon copy
  • DM direct message
  • MT modify tweet
  • MRI modify retweet
  • TWEETUP meeting set in Real life with the help of twitter
  • SB small business
  • ICUMI In case you miss it

List of Texting abbreviations

With rise in Social media like Facebook and messenger app like whatsapp, texting has become very popular among the youth. No wonder you are already familiar with most common texting  shortcuts like lol, thx,lmao, tc and many more like that. The reason they are becoming so popular is not only these shortcuts looks cool but they also save lot of your time by typing short.

Doesn’t matter if you are texting in class or setting at home and chatting on Facebook ,there are some basic and most common texting shortcuts that everyone of us should know. In this infographic I had made a list of top 25 most common sheet texting abbreviations that you should know

INFOGRAPHIC - Texting shortcuts


New in the market

  • CBH  Child Bearing Hips
  • SM Social media
  • ASN  Any Second Now
  • GRAND  One thousand (dollars)
  • CHEERIO Goodbye”
  • SUGAR DADDY  rich old man
  • YL young lady
  • DINK Dual income no kids


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