Hide/Unhide Extension Icons From Chrome Toolbar

When you install a new chrome extension, its icon automatically appears in the toolbar. This feature is useful when you want to access the extension with a single click quickly. But there are many extension (like Adblock, LastPass, etc.in order to) where you don’t have to use them. They simply run in the background.

So it does make sense to remove those extension’s icons from the toolbar. Right?

Hiding chrome extension from the toolbar, not only uncluttered your Omnibox but it stops other people from seeing, which chrome extension you use. And guess what, doing this is damn easy. All it takes is two simple click.

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I discover this feature accidentally when one day all my extension disappear from the toolbar. But when I clicked on three vertical lines to bring chrome settings, I can see all of them there. So, if the same thing has happened to you, here is how to fix it.

Hide/Unhide Chrome Extension Icons

#1 To Rearrange Chrome Extension Icons

Simply click on the icon and drag it wherever you want it to appear in the toolbar.

To hide the extension’s icons; slowly bring your cursor to the right edge of the Omnibox till you notice its shape changing to a split symbol, then drag your cursor to the right direction. This will hide the icons that are to the further right. You can access them later, by clicking on the 3 vertical dots in the top right.

Rearrange Chrome Extension Icons
Rearrange Chrome Extension Icons

#2 To Hide Chrome Extension Icon

Right click on the icon you want to hide, and select Hide in Chrome Menu. Simple.

Hide Chrome Extension Icons
Hide Chrome Extension Icons

#3 To Unhide Chrome Extension Icon

To bring an icon back to the chrome toolbar, open menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the browser. Next, right click on the extension icon, you want to unhide and select Keep in Toolbar.

UnHide Chrome Extension Icons
UnHide Chrome Extension Icons

Bonus tip

I highly suggest you use keyboard shortcuts to quickly access some chrome extension. For instance, to save an article with pocket, I press — ALT +P and to clip article on Evernote, I press ALT +e. No need to click on the extension icon. Saves time.

Simply go to chrome://extensions > Scroll down to the bottom > Keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Chrome

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