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7 Best HIIT Workout Apps for Mobile and Smartwatch

by Vaibhav
best hiit workout apps

Want to be fit but have limited time in hands? HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts can help you reach your goals in less time. Simply put, it comprises a few demanding exercises performed in a short span of time and with even shorter rest periods. So, if you’re looking for the best HIIT workout app for mobile and smartwatches, here are some you should check out.

Why HIIT Workout Apps on Mobile and Smartwatch

If you haven’t read about the benefits of HIIT, here are some good details for you. We have already covered 5K running apps, 10K running apps, and even fitness apps for Firestick before. Well, several studies have shown that it improves cardiovascular health, sugar levels, and also targets fats more effectively.

There is also a growing number of evidence that HIIT training is also superior to moderate-intensity exercises for achieving healthy outcomes.

1. Freeletics Training Coach

If you’re a beginner, getting a proper training schedule for HIIT workouts can get confusing. Freeletics makes that extremely easy with a guided audio coach that always keeps you on the move. You need to sign up and set up the app first by feeding basic info along with goals such as losing weight, improving fitness, relieving stress, etc.

Since you need to set-up the app with your personals preferences, each user gets a unique set of workout plan and exercises to perform

Freeletics HIIT workout app

Another reason it’s great for beginners is that Freeletics’ AI takes collects feedback in the first week. This allows the app to modify and customize user-specific training schedules. Freeletics gives you access to over 20 workouts and audio sessions, however, you need to upgrade to the pro version ($34.99/3 months) to use the training coach.


  • Guided audio AI coach
  • Personalized training sessions
  • Social feed
  • Supports Apple Watch


  • Lengthy set-up process
  • No one month plan option

Get Freeletics Training Coach for (iOS | Android)

2. HIIT | Down Dog

I have talked about Down Dog before in our list of Yoga apps for mobile. The HIIT workout app version comes from the same developer and is as good as the widely recommended yoga app. Similar to the previous app, you begin with setting up your profile. So if you’re a newbie, you can choose level 0 to start from scratch.

Down Dog's HIIT training app

You can choose the length of each exercise, rest period, and pick your favorite voice coach. Down Dog makes building workout plans fun. You can choose from various workout presets like a fat burn, total body shred, etc. if unsure. If not that, customize and mix aerobic, legs, upper body, core, and glutes exercises. It comes with a 25-day free trial and costs $7.99 per month after that.


  • High-quality training videos
  • Highly customizable workouts
  • Multiple music genres option


  • Paid app
  • Needs high bandwidth

Get HIIT | Down Dog for (iOS | Android)

3. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout‬ 

Are you someone who swears by science when you argue about HIIT workouts? The 7 Minute Workout app is developed by Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology of Johnson Human Performance Institute. This workout is often known as the hotel room workout as the only resistance you have is your bodyweight. Hence, these exercises can be performed anywhere and at any time leaving no excuses for lazy people.

7 minute HIIT workout app

Choose from a standard 7-minute workout (goes over 9 with warm-up), a smart workout feature that adjusts to your current fitness level, or from the workout library. If you’re a beginner, the app has an animated demo figure along with a timer. All in all, you have over 70 workouts and 20 presets, so you can mix and match in order to create a custom workout routine as well.


  • Backed by science
  • No in-app purchases
  • No ads
  • Multiple time variations to meet users needs ( 7 to 32 min)
  • Supports Apple Watch (with workout animation)


  • Not suitable for user who’s into running
  • Not highly customizable (preset for rest/exercise circuit)

Get J&J Official 7 Minute Workout‬  for (iOS | Android)

4. HIIT Workouts and Timer

All HIIT workout apps for mobile and smartwatches listed above have some sort of in-app purchases. The only exception is the J&J 7 minute workout app however that’s very limited. HIIT Workouts and Timer not only has a larger variety of workouts but comes without ads and is completely free.

hiit wokrouts and timer app ui

You get several HIIT workout programs like Burn 100 (aims to burn 100 calories), HIIT (10/15/21 minutes training), etc. All the exercises are well laid out and feature step-by-step instructions. Apart from that, you can change the rest time, tweak the number of circuits, enable an audio countdown timer, etc.


  • Very simple UI (clean menu and workout list)
  • Step by step instructions


  • App’s instruction video fails to load frequently
  • Not available on Apple Watch
  • Contains ads (not intrusive)

Get HIIT Workouts and Timer for (iOS | Android)

5. FitOn

Whether you want to work out alone, with your friends or you are guiding a large group of people, this app checks all the mark. It’s available on phone (iOS, Android), Apple Watch, TV (Roku, Apple) and even casting devices (Chromecast, FireTV Stick, via Airplay, etc.). This sets it apart from the apps we’ve discussed until now. Those workout in their living rooms may find Chromecast support useful.

Best HIIT workout app

It adds a cherry on top as all the workouts are taught by trainers and are completely free. In addition to HIIT workouts, you can also browse meditation, yoga, pilates, kid’s workouts, etc. When you start a HIIT workout, it displays target areas as well as the equipment required. Lastly, if it’s one of those days when you don’t feel like working out, the party option allows you to video call your friends. Cool, right?


  • Free workouts
  • Workout reminder option
  • Has blogs, meal plans in addition to workouts
  • Workout with friends over a video call
  • Videos by celebrity trainers


  • Overwhelming if you’re looking for just HIIT workouts

Get FitOn for (iOS | Android)

6. HIIT Apps for Apple Watch and Other Smart Watches

Consider yourself lucky if you have an Apple smartwatch. There are plenty of tailor-made workout apps for the Apple Watch. Some HIIT workout apps like Freeletics, J&J 7 Minute Workout, etc. listed above that you can check out. If that’s not it, you will love this handy standalone app for Apple Watch called Intervals Pro.

Intervals Pro HIIT workout app for Apple Watch

One of the best HIIT workout app for Apple Watch consists of several workout templates and running programs. Like I mentioned before, heart rate represents the effect of high intensity, low intensity, and rest time periods and you can track that as well. So now you can simply leave your iPhone behind and enjoy working out with just your Apple Watch.


  • Standalone Apple Watch app
  • A mix of workouts (7 min, plank, mindfulness, 5K)
  • Multiple voice guide options


  • Apple Health integration only in Pro

Get Intervals for iOS

7. Interval Timer – HIIT Workout‪

We’ve talked about the timer apps for iPhone before, however, with HIIT, you need a highly customizable timer app. For example, the ability to punch in number of sets, interval time, and low/high-intensity interval time is important. Hence, Interval Timer is a no-brainer when it comes to HIIT workout.

If you like a gradual increase in the workout intensity, the app allows you to set your first interval to a low or high intensity

HIIT workout interval timer app

You can not only do tweak the factors I’ve mentioned above but also save them as templates. There is a video ad as soon as you launch the app, however, that’s the only ad that’s intrusive. You can upgrade and remove ads for $2.5.


  • Designed for HIIT workouts
  • Free versions cover all features
  • No intrusive ads
  • Supports Apple Watch


  • Initial set-up can be tricky for some
  • Has a long video ad at start-up

Get Interval Timer – HIIT Workout‪s for (iOS | Android)

Closing Remarks: Best HIIT Workout App for You

Let’s assume you know your HITT workouts. In that case, simply install the Interval Timer app on Apple Watch and you’re good to go. If you need guidance, FitOn has celebrity trainers and available on most platforms. You can even video call your friends which is a rather unique feature. If you’re still confused about HIIT, check out our recommendation of calisthenics apps as well.

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