How to add delete and change password for user in ubuntu 12.04

Although you can add user and remove a user from GUI very quickly, it’s not much fun. Moreover, Linux is all about of terminal, so in this article, we will use CLI to add delete and change password for the user in Ubuntu.

To add delete or change password for a user just goto dashboard and type user account and press enter. In the user window unlock the username you want to edit by click on the lock button on the top and then make changes you want.


To add  new user

Open the terminal and type in the following command

sudo adduser username 

Here replace the keyword username with the new user, that you want to add. You will next be asked password for  authorization , password for the new user you have just added and some basic details. After entering them click on Y for confirm and new user will be added. Check out the following snapshot for example.

rtt@rtt-Inspiron-N5010: ~_137

To remove existing user

sudo deluser username

rtt@rtt-Inspiron-N5010: -home_139

To Change user password of current user type


 rtt@rtt-Inspiron-N5010: ~_138

To change password of any other user type

passwd username

Replace username with the name of the user whom you want to change the password.

rtt@rtt-Inspiron-N5010: -home_139

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