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How to Back up and Factory Reset Apple Vision Pro

by Ritesh Rawat
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The Apple Vision Pro is fun to use. But if you plan to pass it on to a family member, a friend, or may be sell it off, it’s a good idea to reset it to the factory state. But before you jump the gun to make your memories to disappear, let’s take a moment to back things up. This guide will share the backup process of your data and factory reset the Apple Vision Pro. So, let’s prepare your Vision Pro first.

How to Back up Apple Vision Pro

Backing up your Apple Vision Pro data on your iCloud account is simple, just like backing up any other Apple device. This way, you can guarantee the safety of your valuable data, knowing that it is securely stored and readily available whenever you require it.

1. To back up your data, look at the Settings icon on your Apple Vision Pro and tap your fingers together to open it. Next, just tap on the first option that shows your name.

Apple Vision Pro

2. Choose iCloud from the options displayed on the right side.

iCloud on Apple Vision Pro

3. Now under Device Backups, select iCloud Backup.

iCloud Back up on Apple Visio Pro

4. Here enable the toggle next to Back Up This Apple Vision Pro.

Enable Back up on Apple Vision Pro

5. Once enabled, you can also choose to Back Up Now and instantly initiate a backup of your Apple Vision Pro.

Back Up Now

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How to Factory Reset Apple Vision Pro

After you have successfully backed up your data, you are ready to perform a factory reset on your Apple Vision Pro. Resetting to factory settings is highly recommended, especially if you plan to resell Vision Pro.

1. In your Apple Vision Pro, look at the Settings app, tap your fingers (Index finger and thumb) together to open it, and tap fingers again to select General from the left sidebar.

General Settings

2. Navigate to the bottom and tap your fingers select Transfer or Reset This Apple Vision Pro.

Transfer or Reset This Apple Vision Pro

3. Next, select Erase All Content and Settings.

Erase All Content and Settings

4. Hit Continue if you’re ready to say goodbye, or backtrack if there’s anything you need to save first.

Continue to Reset Apple Vision Pro

5. You will need to input your passcode for Apple Vision Pro. After you enter the passcode, your Apple Vision Pro will reset to factory settings. That will erase your Apple ID and personal data from Apple Vision Pro.

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1. How long does a backup take on Apple Vision Pro? 

The time it takes to complete your backup will vary depending on the amount of data on it and the speed of your internet connection. We recommend to use Wi-Fi for your backup and keep in mind that larger backups may take longer to complete.

2. What if I don’t have enough iCloud storage? 

You can either buy more space or choose to back up only certain data. Alternatively, you can free up iCloud storage to create space.

3. Do I lose all my data during a reset?

Yes, everything gets wiped out. That’s why it’s important to back up your data. Make sure you follow the steps mentioned earlier before resetting your Apple Vision Pro.

Refresh Your Apple Vision Pro

Your Apple Vision Pro is gleamingly spotless after reset, all set for its next journey. Whether you’re passing it on, presenting it as a gift, or beginning anew, performing a factory reset sets it back to square one. You can also connect the Apple Vision Pro to Mac to use it with the Vision Pro apps.

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