How to Browse All Netflix Movies And TV Shows (4 Ways)

While Netflix has a huge collection of movies and TV shows, it’s often hard to find something good to watch. Mostly, because of two major reasons –

1. Netflix is busy pushing down its Netflix’s Original on the homepage. On top of that, homepage page recommendation is driven by an algorithm that serves you suggestions based on your viewing history.

2. Popular titles are mostly geo-restricted. For example, the anime version of Death Note is available only on Netflix Japan and The Office (U.S) is only available on Netflix US and Canada.

So, how to browse all Netflix movies

Well, you can always run a simple Google search like ‘It Follows, Netflix‘ and if you see that movie in the search result, we know, it’s at least available on some country Netflix catalog, as Google crawls the entire Netflix database, not just one country. Or, you can also check out recommendations on YouTube videos or subreddit like BestOfNetflix to find something good to watch on Netflix.  But, for better results, you can use more advanced tools. In this article, we’ll discuss few of those advance Netflix search tool. So, let’s check them out. Shall we?

Method 1:  Netflix Secret Category

Netflix has some secret niche genre that it doesn’t show in its homepage. For example, Military Action & Adventure, Science & Nature Documentaries, Korean Movies etc. To check out titles that fall under this genre, type into a browser where # is the unique code for that genre, for example, 2125 for Military Action & Adventure and 5685 for Korean Movies etc.

If you are looking to watch some niche movies on Netflix, you can use this URL hack. However, it’s hard to remember the complete list, which is why I recommend chrome extension Netflix Categories.  Clicking on this extension while you are on the Netflix website will reveal all the hidden genre.


  • Find good titles without leaving Netflix


  • No support for TV or Smartphones
  • No option to filter search with IMDb rating

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Method 2: Advance Netflix Search Engine

To find something good to watch on your Netflix, use Flixable. Flixable is an advance Netflix search engine, that lets you search all the movies and TV shows on Netflix by Genre, Released Year, IMDb rating etc. For example, say, if I’m in the mood of watching an action movie on Netflix with an IMDB rating of more than 7, I can easily find such movies with Flixable. Moreover, it also keeps a detailed log of what’s added and removed from Netflix each month.

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  • Find good titles without using a VPN
  • Works on both Web and mobile browser


  • Limited to your Netflix catalog of your country
  • No mobile app

Method 3: Seach on Multiple sites

If you have a Movie or TV show in mind, but not sure, whether the title is available on Netflix or Hulu or Prime Videos etc, then use JustWatch.

JustWatch helps you find out where you can watch a particular Movie or TV Show legally.  For example, when you are not sure if The Office (U.S) is available on Netflix.

Here is how it works, simply go the website, select your country and type in the Movie or TV show name in the search box. Within seconds, JustWatch will search the available of the title on popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar. What makes JustWatch different from the Netflix built-in search is that you can narrow down your search, with IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, Released date and of course choose a different country altogether.


  • JustWatch has Android and iOS app
  • Support watchlist
  • Support 36 countries
  • IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes rating


  • Not reliable as Netflix update its catalog frequently
  • Limited to your Netflix catalog of your country

Method 4: Search Titles Available in Different country

uNoGs (short for Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search) is an online media database service which keeps a record of all the Netflix shows. But unlike other sites in this list, uNoGS shows you the list of countries where the title is available. Once you know, which country has the title, you can just use a VPN to browse the content.

For example, if I want to watch The Office (U.S) on Netflix, but not sure which country has it, simply search the title on the uNoGs website, it’ll display the list of countries (in form of flags underneath the thumbnail). For example, currently, The Office (U.S) is only available on U. S and Japan. Next, I need to use a VPN (that works for Netflix) to switch to Japan or US server. Once you switch your server to a supported country, you can browse the show on Netflix.


  • Search across 17+ different Netflix regions
  • Filter by IMDb rating, Genre, Release Year etc
  • Find What’s Coming and Leaving on Netflix


  • No mobile app

How to know Which Movies are on Netflix?

So, these were some of the ways to find something good to watch on Netflix. If you already have a show or movie in mind that you would like to watch, then uNoGs and JustWatch is a good option. The only difference between these two is that uNoGs show you a list of countries the movies are available on while on JustWatch you have to set a country before you start searching. But, if you just want to kick back and relax, and not go through the pain of using a VPN then, flixable is a good option.

Let me know what you going to watch this Halloween on Netflix. It Follows, The Wailing and Under the Shadow are some good movies, I found using the above tips. Check them out, if you haven’t already. And share your thoughts in the comments below.

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