How to access blocked sites using ultrasurf without proxy

If your institution is too smart for proxy sites just like mine, then the only thing which works is Ultrasurf. Most of the college and offices blocked Facebook, YouTube, torrents and pornographic websites generally so that students don’t waste their time. But In some countries, they blocked almost everything that is a threat to their culture. But what should one do, when there is a genuine need to open these blocked websites.

Access denied restriction


Since you are reading this post, I am guessing that you are going through the same situation, whether in your school or in your workspace. But, not anymore. In this article, you will find out how to access blocked sites without using proxy websites.

You can get a head start to this topic from my last post simple steps to bypass access denied from college. 

 What is ultrasurf? 

Ultrasurf is proxy software that allows to bypass access denied and blocked websites even with internet filters  set on your institution. The makers of this software define it, as a small green software (1 Mb) that require no installation.

Key features :                                                                    

  • Completely free
  • Portable
  • Very very easy to use
  • Automatic upgrade
  • No history left.

  When you should use ultrasurf? 

  • For accessing the blocked website on your school, college or work.
  • Hide your IP-address and surf anonymous.
  • Encrypting your communication and personal information while using online banking on public Wi-Fi.

How Ultrasurf works?

According to wikipedia

UltraSurf servers The software works by creating an encrypted HTTP tunnel between the user’s computer and a central pool of proxy servers, enabling users to bypass firewalls and censorship. UltraReach hosts all of its own servers.

How to access blocked sites 


  1. Download ultrasurf from its official website. If you download zip file then you have to unzip it using winrar.
  2. Double click on .exe file and it will turn ON. ( no installation required)
  3. You will see internet explorer (browser) popping out.

That’s it, now you can browse a website without getting access denied error.

How to Use the UltraSurf Program 

The best thing about this software is its portability. Copy this into pen drive. Now, whenever you come in contact with a network with access denied restriction. Just plugged in your pen drive starts the program and you are good to go. 

By default, ultrasurf works only with internet explorer, but people like me who hate working on I.E (no offense I.E : D), there is another ways.

How to use ultrasoft with a different browser? 

Ultrasurf uses proxy:  and port: 9666

I.E automatically configures ultrasurf proxy setting but if you want to use other browsers you need to do it manually. I will show you how to do it for

For Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools > Options > Network > Settings and enter the above mentioned proxy.
Chrome user can go to setting > advanced setting> under network tab click change proxy setting and enter them.

What to do if your institution uses a proxy firewall?

In that case, you have to enter manually proxy setting. Get your proxy setting let say  and port no 2525
now open your ultrasurf >> go to option >> proxy setting >>  click manual proxy setting >> ok.

I tried Ultrasurf but it didn’t work, now what should I do?

OK, So your workplace/institution is smarter than what we have guessed, but there is still a workaround to this problem. Try Using Tor Browser BundleThis the most effective yet simple method to hide identity and Surf Internet Anonymously

Bonus Tips

Sometimes the site is blocked or banned by changing your DNS to OpenDNS, changing your router setting to the parental mode or making a change in your host file. So be sure to check these place too, if you are not sure how to do that then run a simple google search.



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