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How to Change Status in Google Chat on Web and Mobile

by Subham Raj
Change Status in Google Chat

Google Chat is a free communication tool for teams and businesses. You can use it to manage your team, communicate with clients, keep yourself updated on project status, etc. Inside Google Chat, with just a small status update, you can share what you are up to with the whole team. Let me show you how to change the status in Google Chat on the web and mobile apps.

Change Google Chat Status on Mobile

If your laptop is away and you’re signed in with the same Google account on your phone, then you can change the Google Chat status from your smartphone. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Navigate to Google Chat app on your smartphone and tap to open it.

2. Now tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the screen.

3. Tap on Active to expand the other status options.

google chat options on mobile

4. Once the list of statuses expands, you can choose either Do Not Disturb or Set as away by tapping on them. For example, we’re tapping on Do Not Disturb.

5. On the next screen, choose a duration for the selected status and select it. And that’s it, you’ve successfully changed the status of Google Chat on your smartphone and it will be now visible to others too.

setting google chat status time duration on mobile

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Change Google Chat Status on Web

If you are using Google Chat on the web in your choice of browser, then here are the steps to change the status of Google Chat.

1. First open your favorite browser and type chat.google.com in the URL bar, and hit Enter/Return.

open google chat in browser

2. Click on the Green Active button near the Settings icon.

google chat status option in web app

3. A drop-down menu will open with a list of available statuses to select from i.e, Do not disturb and Set as away. For example, we’re proceeding with Do not disturb.

google chat status on web app

4. A new drop-down will appear, click on a duration to choose it for the selected Google Chat status. Once you select it, the status will be live and active on your Google Chat and will be visible to others as well for the time duration.

select time duration for status in google chat web app


1. What do different Google Chat status icons mean?

Here’s a list of all the status icons with their meaning.

Status iconStatus TextStatus Meaning
ActiveGmail or Google Chat is open.
Do not disturbGoogle Chat notifications are muted.

*For workspace accounts this is visible at the domain level only.
Away– You aren’t connected to the internet.
– You’re in “Set as away” status.

2. Does updating the status on Google Chat also update it on Gmail?

Yes. When you change the status on Google Chat, it will reflect on your Gmail too, as both are logged in with the same Google account.

3. Can you create a custom status in Google Chat?

Yes, you can. On your smartphone, tap on the hamburger menu > Add a status to create a custom status. On the web version, click on the Green Active button > Add a status to create a custom status on Google Chat.

Use Google Chat Like a Pro

Many people use Google Chat daily and still get confused when someone asks them “why have you set your status as away or Do not disturb”. Now you can change the status in Google Chat by following the above-mentioned steps by yourself and continue to work like a pro. I hope this helped you change your Google Chat status in no time.

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