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How to Change Wrist and Orientation on Samsung Galaxy Watch

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to Change the Wrist and Orientation of Samsung Galaxy Watch

Most people are right-handed and wear Samsung Galaxy Watch in their left hand. So the default setting of the watch is customized as such. But if you prefer to wear it on your right hand, you have the option to change the orientation on your Galaxy Watch and also on the Galaxy Wearable app. It not only changes the orientation, but it also makes all the gestures work with your other hand. Here’s how to change the orientation and use your Galaxy Watch with another wrist.

How to Change Wrist and Orientation on Samsung Galaxy Watch

1. On the Galaxy Watch, swipe up on the home screen to open the app drawer. Then select the Settings app from the app drawer.

Opening Settings on Galaxy Watch

2. On the Settings app, swipe up and open the General option.

Opening General Settings on Galaxy Watch

3. Then scroll down and open the Orientation option.

Changing Orientation on Galaxy Watch

4. Under the Wrist option, select Left or Right depending on the hand you want to wear Galaxy Swatch on. Upon changing it, all gestures will begin working with the wrist you have selected.

Changing the wrist on Galaxy Watch

5. Now when you wear the watch on your other hand, the buttons may not be in a suitable position. To change Galaxy Watch orientation, swipe up and change the keys’ position to Left or Right accordingly. This will rotate the screen upside down allowing you to access buttons easily with your other hand.

Changing button position on Galaxy Watch

How to Change Wrist and Orientation on Galaxy Wearable App

1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on the phone your watch is connected to. Tap on the hamburger menu and select the Galaxy Watch that you want to change the wrist on.

Opening Galaxy Watch Settings on Galaxy Wearable app

2. Now select the Watch Settings option and then select the General option In it.

Opening General watch settings on Galaxy Wearable app

3. Here tap on Orientation and select Left or Right option under the Wrist section accordingly. Changing the Wrist to the Right makes the gestures on your watch suitable for your right hand and vice versa.

Changing the orientation for Galaxy Watch on Galaxy Wearable app

4. You can also change the Keys option between Left and Right to rotate the screen according to the hand. This will make it easy for you to access the buttons with your other hand.

Changing key position of Galaxy Watch on Galaxy Wearable app

Change Wrist and Orientation on Galaxy Watch

By keeping the wrist and key settings separate, you can wear your Samsung Watch on the left or right hand and also choose on which side you need buttons on your watch to be. Apart from this, Samsung also lets you customize buttons and actions giving you the utmost control you need. However, it’s a better idea to back up your current settings on Galaxy Watch before making any major changes.

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