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How to Check How Much Data Is Left in Jio

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Jio recently released a special “Work From Home Plan” wherein it doubles up your data limit to 2 GB/day at INR 251. So, that gives you some breathing space but daily data limit exhaustion is always a problem. Especially, now, when you are working from home, keeping a check on that daily data limit is important. Here’s how to check how much data is left in Jio.

How to Check How Much Data Is Left in Jio

1. Give a Miss call

The most used and simplest way to find daily data usage on your number. To know, follow these simple steps.

  • Open your “Dialer” and “Dial 1299”
  • Your call will automatically be rejected and you’ll get a text message

This will have all the details, like your balance, SMS and also the amount of data you’ve used from the daily limit. It’s an easy way to find all the details in one place.


2. MyJio App

Similar to other network providers like Airtel, Jio also has an app where you can manage and control your account. This not only lets you check your balance, recharger offers but can also be accessed to check your daily data balance. Here’s how to do it.

  • You need to be logged in either with your SIM or using your phone number through a One Time Password.
  • You can see the preview on the home-page.

You’ll also find “Check Usage” under the “Daily Data Info”. This will give you detailed data info segregated date-wise. Additionally, you can also tap on Voice, Sms, WiFi for more selective information. Another method is using Jio’s Website, but I don’t recommend that unless you’re always on the laptop. For those who will use this method, jump to “Usage Section” in the “Summary Tab”, where you can view daily usage graphically along with other details.

Download MyJio App (iOSAndroid)


3. Third-Party App

There are many third-party apps that let you keep a track of your daily limit. Starting with the simplest app of all “Internet Speed Meter Lite” which along with the daily data usage (Notification Bar) shows you the internet speed (Status Bar). It also segregates your mobile data from your WiFi data details. Alternatively, if you want more control over your data you can use “Data Eye”, which in addition to your usual data and WiFi stats, has an in-built Firewall, so you can easily block apps that you don’t want to give data access too.

If you’re on iOS, you can use My Data Manager VPN Security, which also works on similar lines.

Lastly, we can’t ignore Widgets, while both of the above apps don’t have this option, “Data counter Widget” gives you that option along with in-app usage stats.

Internet Speed Meter

Closing Remarks

Here is how you check data on your Jio number. If you’re using other network connections, you can easily find USSD codes on Google or download your carrier’s proprietary app. However, if you’re an Airtel user, here is a detailed article on it. So now that we have saved tons of data, check out these 20+ Paid Games and Apps Currently Free on The Play Store. Have fun paying! Oh, sorry, I meant playing!

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