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How to Convert Multiple Images into One PDF File on Android

by Vaibhav

Since all schools and colleges are shut due to COVID-19 situations, most of us need to submit documents, school projects or even Govt. IDs frequently online. Clicking a picture is an easier way to send the file and most of us use the native camera app for it. However, most websites only allow one PDF file to be uploaded. So, how do you combine multiple images to one PDF file? If you have an Android phone, chances are it does not have a native way to do that, therefore we’ll use a third-party app which lets you do it in a few easy steps. So without wasting time, let’s see how to do convert multiple images to one PDF doc.

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Convert Multiple Images into One PDF File on Android

We’re going to use PDF CONVERTER which is a free and open-source app that you can find on both F-Droid and Play Store. The app is free and you can download it from the links below. Once you download, install, open the app from the menu section.

Here are some of the extra features in the app. 

  • Merge multiple PDFs
  • Compress PDF
  • Zip to PDF
  • Split PDF

The app has many more features listed on the home page which we’ll come to later. Once you open the app, From the Create new PDF section tap on Images to PDF.

From the next menu, tap on Select Images to open the gallery. Now select the images you want to add by tapping on the top right corner of each image. Once you’re done, tap on Sure from the bottom right corner of the screen.


You’ll notice the Create PDF option enabled, tap on that. It’s optional to give the file a new name. You can either keep the default title or use a specific file title as I’ve done in the image below. After you give it a title, hit OK.

If you see a green tick on the next page, that means you’ve successfully combined images to PDF. To view the PDF tap on Open PDF. That’s it, you’ve successfully combined images to PDF.

Other PDF Features

Although it’s a free app, it has tons of useful PDF features that you can use to tweak your PDF file. The most useful out of them is the Password Protect PDF feature, which allows you to lock your file to make it more secure. There is also an Edit Image option where you can crop the image & rotate them. In case you want to preview the PDF file before you combine them all, there is a Preview PDF option in the same tab.

A thought I’ve successfully combined fifty images to PDF, there is no limit to the number of images you can choose to combine.

These were a few extra features that come in handy. But that’s not it, it has plenty more features such as image compression, adding a border, rearrange image, enabling page numbers, watermark, etc.

Closing Remarks

I hope with these steps you’re easily able to combine images. Now, whether you want to send documents or your kid’s school project, follow these steps and you’ll get the PDF in no time. The app has only one drawback, i.e, it contains banner ads at the top. But since you can use it offline, the ads won’t feel restrictive and cluttered.

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