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How to Copy Telegram Profile, Group, Channel, Message Links

by Gaurav Bidasaria
How to Copy Telegram Profile, Group, Channel, Message Links

Telegram is one of the new-age messaging apps that has truly given WhatsApp a run for its money. However, there are many new users who are still joining Telegram and don’t know how to copy Telegram profiles, groups, channels, and messages links on mobile and web apps. Copying and sharing Telegram links makes it easy to invite others and share content outside the app. Let’s learn how to copy different Telegram links and share them.

How to Copy Telegram Profile Account Link

Profile links will lead your friends and colleagues to your personal profile. They can see your name, bio, and other details that you have kept public. A lot will depend on your privacy and security settings too. All the more reason to share your profile links.

Copy Your Telegram Profile Link on Mobile

I am using an iPhone as an example here but the steps are mostly the same for Android too.

1. Open Telegram and tap on Settings tab at the bottom and you should see your profile pic, number, and Telegram @username. So your Telegram profile account link would be https://t.me/username.

copy telegram profile link

2. If you haven’t set a username yet, you can do so easily. Simply tap on the Edit button at the top right corner and then tap on Username.

find and edit telegram profile link

3. You can try different usernames to find one that’s available to claim. Once you find one, simply tap on Done to save that username. Each username is unique and may contain a-z, 0-9, and underscores only. The minimum length is 5 characters. Your new Telegram profile link will be displayed at the bottom automatically.

create new telegram username and profile link

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Copy Your Telegram Profile Link on Web App

You can also copy your profile link or even set the username on the Telegram web app.

1. Open the Telegram web app in your favorite browser.

2. Click on the hamburger menu (three-bar icon) in the top left corner and select Settings.

telegram web app settings option

3. You will find your Telegram username there. Click on Edit (pencil icon) to change your default username. Your profile link will be https://t.me/username where you can replace the ‘username’ with your actual username.

Telegram profile link on web app

And that’s it, folks.

Copy Other User’s Telegram Profile Link

You cannot copy other users’ Telegram profile links directly due to privacy reasons. However, you can copy their username and use that to create profile link using the URL — https://t.me/username.

Enter the group where you found the user. Tap on the profile picture to open the profile where you will find the username.

copy other user's telegram profile link

You can also share your contact with others using the share menu feature of iPhone and Android.

Simply open their chat, select the name at the top to open the profile, and tap on the kebab menu (three-dot icon) to select Share Contact.

share contact in telegram

You can now share that contact with other Telegram users. However, you can also share with third-party apps like Slack, WhatsApp, etc. by simply tapping on the universal share icon.

How to Copy Telegram Group Link

Telegram groups can be huge with up to 200,000 members allowed in a single group. WhatsApp, even with its community feature, has a lot of catching up to do. So here’s how to copy Telegram’s group link if you want to invite someone to your group or share that awesome group you just found.

Copy Telegram Group Link on Mobile

As usual, we will begin with the smartphone, iOS in this case but the steps remain the same for Android users.

1. Open the Telegram group on your mobile. Tap on the name of the group to find more details. There you will find the group link.

finding telegram group link

2. Tap on the link and select Copy Link button to copy the group link.

copy telegram group link on mobile app

Copy Telegram Group Link on Web App

Similarly, you can also copy any group’s link on the web app. The steps are roughly the same.

1. Open the Telegram group first and then click on the group name at the top to view details.

telegram group details

2. You will find the link there. Simply click on the link once to copy your clipboard.

copy telegram group link on web app

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How to Copy Telegram Channel Link

The steps are about the same for copying and sharing Telegram channel and group links. However, if you haven’t read or skipped the group links part, there they are. Good for inviting new users to your Telegram channel where you can send announcements.

Copy Telegram Channel Link on Mobile

1. Open the Telegram app and go to the channel whose public link you want to copy and share with others. Tap on the name of the channel to find the link.

find telegram channel link on mobile

2. Tap on the link itself to copy it to your phone’s clipboard.

copy telegram channel link mobile app

Copy Telegram Channel Link on Web App

Similarly, we will now copy the channel link on the web app.

1. Click on the channel name at the top of the screen.

telegram channel on web app

2. Inside you will find the Telegram channel link. Click on the same to copy it directly.

copy telegram channel link on web app

How to Copy Telegram Message Links on Mobile and Web

Did you know that you can also copy and share Telegram chat message links? Yup. However, note that this feature is available on public channels and groups only. Private groups and individual chats are protected so no one can copy chat links there.

Tip: You will see the share icon next to the message if the link of the message is available to copy.

Simply open the public channel or group in Telegram and you should see the share icon. Tap on it once to copy the link. You can now paste it into any other social media or messaging app.

copy message link on telegram mobile and web app

In the web app, the share icon will only be visible when you hover over the message that you want to share.

telegram message share button on web app

However, when you click on it, you will realize you can only forward the message within Telegram app. There is no way to copy Telegram message link on the web app.

telegram web app share option for messages


1. Can you copy download link to Telegram files?

No. You cannot copy the link to a video, audio, image, or any other file directly. You can download these files and then share them. If the message has the media file attached, you can also copy the chat message link as we discussed above. However, there are Telegram bots that may help create a shareable link to the file, they are temporary in nature and work for public groups and channels only.

2. How to copy files like images and videos in bulk on Telegram?

We have a detailed guide on downloading multiple photos and videos from Telegram that you will find useful.

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Telegram succeeded by simply offering what WhatsApp should have. Bigger groups, useful channels, larger file attachments, and privacy and security. It has carved a niche for itself and the userbase continues to grow. Telegram also makes it easy to copy and share profile, group, and channel links helping you to grow your network. In fact, you can also copy and share message links which are rare in messaging apps.

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