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How to Create your Own Selfie Stickers on Instagram?

by Kaushal

Apart from merging Facebook Messenger with Instagram’s Direct Messages, Instagram has introduced some other features including disappearing messages, selfie stickers, reactions, chat colours and much more. Out of all my favourite feature so far has to be selfie stickers. The latest Selfie Stickers let you create Boomerang-style animated stickers that look cool. If you’ve been unable to find the feature, I’ve listed the entire process of creating and sharing the stickers below. Let’s begin.

Create your Own Selfie Stickers on Instagram

This feature is rolled out with the latest update of the Instagram version 165.0. Make sure your Instagram is updated for this method to work. To create a new Sticker, open the Instagram app, and tap the Story icon (Camera icon) on the top left corner. Tap the shutter button to capture an image, it doesn’t have to be anything specific because we need the story preview to get to the Selfie sticker option.

open stories on instagram

You’d find the Sticker button on the top, next to the link button, tap the sticker button to open the list of available stickers. Tap the Search bar to find the selfie sticker option.

search for stickers

Tap the Selfie Sticker button from the search results and it would open the Selfie Sticker page where you can create the latest emoji stickers with your own face.

Right now, the Instagram app supports only a few reactions such as heart eyes, fire, crying, 100, celebration, etc. To create your own Selfie Sticker, align your face so that it fills the preview circle, and choose an emoji from the row of options.

find the perfect sticker emoji

Once you have selected the emoji of your choice, tap the Boomerang button to record a short clip, you don’t need to press and hold a tap would suffice. You can repeat until you like the output sticker and then simply hit Save Sticker. You can create as many Selfie Stickers as you like and then Save. The Instagram app would keep it safe and you can use it in your chats and Stories later.

record the clip

Share a Selfie Sticker on Instagram

Once you have created the stickers and wish to share it with someone, simply open the chat and type an emoji (any emoji would do) in the input text field. As soon as you type an emoji, you’d find the Selfie Sticker button replace the Camera button. Tap the Selfie Sticker button.

use it in chats

Tapping the Selfie Sticker button would bring up the same Sticker creation interface and you’d find all the saved Stickers below. Tap the Saved ticker of your choice to send it away to your friends or create a new one on the spot.

giffy gif

Closing Words

This was a quick way to create your own Selfie Stickers using the Instagram app and the front camera on your smartphone. What do you think of this new feature, let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter.

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