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How to Customize Google Widget on Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS

If you are using the default system launcher on your Android, there’s no option to customize the Google Widget. All you get is the option to resize the widget and that’s it. Anyhow, recently Google brought you the features where you can change the style, radius, color for your Google search widget. Here’s before and after view and how you can do that.

How to Customize Google Widget on Android

To start, first, make sure that you have placed the Google Widget on the Home page as the customization option will only visible when you are using the widget. To place the widget, long press on the home page and click on the Widget option. Now scroll down and long press on the Google search widget to place it on the home page.

To customize the widget, open the Google app, and click on the “More” option in the bottom menu. Here you can find a new option called “Customize Widget”. open it.

Here you can find 4 options, the first option provides you the option to change the style of the Google logo.

The second option is helpful to customize the radius of the search bar. You can choose it to be a square, round square, or a circle.

The third option is used to change the color and style of the search bar. You can click on the color picker option to choose any color you need.

With the fourth option, you can change the transparency of the search widget just like you need.

Click on done and the widget will be saved and applied to the widget on the home page. You can even add multiple widgets on the home page, but anyhow, you cannot edit them individually.

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