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How to Disable Nearby Share on Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Similar to Apple’s Airdrop, Google’s Nearby Share (now, Quick Share), lets you seamlessly send almost anything to other nearby Android devices. But it’s can be annoying at times. For instance, every time when someone in your contacts is using Nearby Share in close proximity, you will get a pop-up asking ‘Device nearby is sharing, tap to become visible.’ Thankfully, if you have no use for (Nearby Share), you can easily disable it from settings. Let’s see how.

How to Disable Nearby Share on Android

To completely disable Nearby Share feature, click on the Nearby Share toggle in the Quick Settings panel. If you cannot see the Nearby Share toggle, click on Edit, drag the toggle to Quick Settings, and then click on it. When done, a Nearby Share app will open in the receiving mode like a share sheet. You can click on profile pic in the top right corner of the Nearby Share app, to bring up the Settings.

You will be redirected to Nearby Share settings. Just turn off the toggle from On to Off and Nearby Share feature will be completely disabled on your device.

Alternatively, you can disable Nearby Share by opening system Settings > Google > Device Connections > Nearby Share and turn off the toggle to disable.

Get Rid of Pop-ups

Instead of completely disabling the Nearby Share feature, you can just get rid of the annoying pop-up notifications. To do that, tap on Nearby Share toggle in the Quick Settings. Now click on the profile pic on the Neaby Share app to enter the settings.

In the settings, select the option called Device Visibility and set the option to Hidden. That’s it you don’t get any notifications anymore.

You can also set it to Some Contacts and select the contacts. Your Android phone will be visible only to them to share with you.

Anyhow, you can still share with anyone by manually opening the Nearby Share from the quick settings panel. So instead of completely disabling, you can set it to hidden or Some Contacts, so that you can still take advantage of the feature.

Stop Accidental Shares

If you want to disable the intrusive pop-ups and still want to use Nearby Share, setting it to hidden is the option you can go for. But if you don’t want to use it, you can disable it easily by turning off the toggle.

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