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How to Enable/Disable Power Button Ends Call on iPhone

by Subham Raj
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Many iPhone users around the globe have faced this problem when they accidentally pressed the power button and it ended the call. And this makes situations awkward sometimes. To deal with this, Apple finally released an iOS update in which users can turn ‘power button ends call’ feature on their iPhone off for good. Let’s dive straight into the steps so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed about ending a call in a non-necessary situation.

Note: Before proceeding further, please make sure your iPhone has the latest iteration of iOS 16 in which Apple has pushed this feature. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find the setting for the power button ending calls on your iPhone.

Enable/Disable Power Button Ends Call

1. Unlock your iPhone and make sure you are on the home screen/springboard. Swipe left until you open the App Library. Tap on the Settings icon to open it.

2. Once the Settings page is open, scroll down until you see the Accessibility option. Tap on Accessibility.

3. On the Accessibility page, tap Touch to open the Touch settings further.

4. Scroll down the Touch settings screen until you find Prevent Lock to End Call and toggle it on. Once toggled on, the next time you are on a call, and you press the power button accidentally, it won’t disconnect the call. Toggle it off and the power button will end the call if pressed during a call on your iPhone.

Note: By default, iPhone has the “Prevent Lock to End Call” toggle turned off.

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Apple’s Power Move

Apple has a tendency of doing things differently and setting a new standard for the industry along the way. While doing so, sometimes it becomes hard for users to cope with the latest feature changes and the settings buried deep down. Power Button ending call has been an issue for many people for ages. Now Apple has fixed this with an iOS update. I hope this saved you some time. While you are here, here’s how you can troubleshoot iOS 16 installation issues if you are facing one.

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