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YouTube Scheduled Greyed out? Here’s How to Enable Scheduled Uploads on YouTube

by Mrinal Saha
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Wheather you are going for a long vacation or you don’t want to overwhelm your subscribers, there are many reasons to scheduled uploads on YouTube. YouTube has a built-in scheduled option, with which you can specify the date and time when the video goes public.

Unfortunately, this “schedule option” is not available for many small YouTube creators. For example, I’ve two YouTube Channel, the scheduled option work fine on our bigger YouTube channel (with 200k subs) but not on our relatively new YouTube channel with just 4k subs.

In fact, you can’t find this schedule option anywhere in the Channel Settings page as well. Even in the YouTube Studio app, this scheduled feature is greyed out for the small channel, while it works fine for the bigger channel that I have. Seems like YouTube bind this features to specific channels and don’t offer it to newer YouTube Channel.

YouTube Scheduled Greyed out

Some people suggest once you have to have monetization configured, you get to see the Scheduled options. But that didn’t happen to us. Even after we got verified for monetization, the scheduled option didn’t appear.

One way to fix this problem is by using third-party apps like Tubebuddy, however, it might not be for everyone, as these apps login, on your behalf to publish the videos.

How to Enable Scheduled Uploads on YouTube

But guess what, I accidentally discovered a much simpler way to fix this problem. Simply go to YouTube from your desktop and upload a new video. Before choosing a video file from your computer, click the drop-down menu next to “Privacy,” then select “Scheduled.” Now, upload the video like you usually do.

upload the video

Once the video is uploaded and processed, you will be able to schedule your video to whatever day and time you want it to go live. Even if you later decided to change the time, you can easily do so by going to Video Settings and look for Privacy settings section, then select a date from the calendar. It works on both YouTube desktop or Studio app on mobile.

how to enable scheduled uploads on youtube

We tried it and it worked fine. The only downside is you’ll have to manually change Privacy settings to Schedule every time before you upload the video. There is no way to automate this as of now. But if you any other workaround, do let us know in the comments below.

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