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How to Enable Slow Mode on YouTube Live Chat

by Subham Raj
How to Enable Slow Mode on YouTube Live Chat While Streaming

Is your YouTube live stream chat getting spammed? Or are you looking for a solution to slow down the YouTube live chat so that it is easier to read? Today, we’re going to share two ways to enable slow mode on YouTube live chat while live streaming. The methods are straightforward and will save you a ton of time in finding this option in YouTube Studio. Let’s begin.

Why Do You Need Slow Mode

If you are new to YouTube live stream, you must have noticed that managing live chat can become a challenge on its own. A fast-moving chat can become a mess for you and your viewers to read and comprehend. And here comes the Slow Mode to the rescue.

When the slow mode is enabled from YouTube Studio, you make it easier for everyone to participate in the discussion, keep conversations engaging, and reduce live chat spam. What slow mode does is limit how frequently users can comment while you are live streaming on YouTube. So you post a comment, you will have to wait X number of seconds before you can comment again.

Since now we know the importance of using Slow Mode in the YouTube live chat, let’s take a look at the steps on how to enable this in the YouTube Studio.

Note: Slow Mode is not available for mobile streams. Only for desktop users at the time of writing this guide.

Enable Slow Mode in YouTube Live Chat

You can enable slow mode before beginning with a live stream and also during a live stream if you feel that comments are coming in too thick and fast. Let’s start with the steps to the first one.

First Method: Create a New Stream With Slow Mode

The first method is by creating a new live stream with Slow Mode chat. Let’s take a look at the steps to do so.

1. Open YouTube Studio in your choice of browser. Now click on CREATE and select Go live from the drop-down by clicking on it.

YouTube Studio Web

2. Click on Start to begin live streaming.

YouTube Live Control Room Web

3. Under the built-in webcam section, click on GO.

Type of Stream YouTube Web

4. On the Create stream page fill in the details and then click on NEXT.

Create Stream Details YouTube Studio Web

5. Now click on the check box next to Slow mode to enable it for the upcoming stream.

enable slow mode in youtube studio settings

6. Type in a numerical value of how many seconds you want the chat to be delayed and then click on NEXT.

Create Stream Message Delay Settings for slow mode in youtube studio

7. In the visibility section, select Public and then click on DONE.

youtube studio Stream Visibilty Settings Web

8. Click on GO LIVE to start streaming with Slow Mode enabled for YouTube chat.

youtube studio Stream Preview Settings Web

Once the stream starts, you can see that Slow Mode is on for the live chat.

Slow Mode Enabled in YouTube Live Chat

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Second Method: Enable Slow Mode While Live Streaming

If you are already streaming live on YouTube and want to enable Slow Mode in the midst of it, then this second method is for you. Let’s learn step by step how to do so.

1. On the live stream page of YouTube Studio, click on EDIT.

YouTube Studio Live Screen Web

2. Click on Customization to change the ongoing stream settings.

YouTube Live Stream Settings Web

3. Now click on the check box next to Slow mode to enable it.

YouTube Studio Customization Settings Web

4. Type a desired numerical value for how many seconds you want the chat to be slowed by and then click on SAVE.

YouTube Studio Slow Mode Settings Web

Your YouTube stream will be updated with the Slow Mode chat. Now you can stream and read comments easily.

YouTube Live Chat Slow Mode Enabled on Web

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow Mode is every YouTube streamer’s best friend. It allows better management of chats and makes sure the live chat is pleasant for both you and your viewers. Enabling Slow Mode in live chat can provide you with enough time to respond to messages in the chat and can also save you much headache from spam. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and you’ll be able to enable Slow Mode in your stream in no time. I hope this article helped you in understanding the Slow Mode in YouTube live chat.

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