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How to Extract Images from a PDF on iPhone

by Kaushal
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If someone has sent you a PDF with multiple images inside, there are several ways to extract images from it. For example, you can take a screenshot of a page or use an online service such as pdftoimage.com. The problem with screenshots is that you don’t get the full resolution of the image and using an online service can be a privacy concern.  That’s why upon researching, I found an easy way to extract images from a PDF on the iPhone. Let’s begin.

Extract Images from a PDF

As there is no way to extract images from a PDF in the iOS, we’re going to use an app. Go ahead and install PDF to Image Converter Lite on your iPhone. You can use PDFs saved on your iPhone, iCloud, GDrive,  Dropbox, and OneDrive. Once you have the app on your iPhone, open the app, and tap the source where your PDF is. It is in the Files app on my iPhone so I chose My Device. Tap the PDF to load it on the app.

After parsing the PDF, you would see a preview of the pages in the PDF file, you can choose any number of pages which would be extracted. After selecting the pages, tap Convert. The app would extract the pages from the file and give you some options. Tap Download to save the images to the Files app.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t save the images to the Photos app. To access the images, open the Files app, and navigate to the “On my iPhone” location. Find the PDFtoJPEG folder and open it by tapping the folder icon.

Here you’d find a folder with the same as the PDF file and the images in this folder. You can now do whatever you want with the images, such as sharing it on social media or sending it to other devices via Airdrop or email etc.

Closing Words

This was a quick way to extract images from a PDF file on your iPhone. The method is really simple and the app is completely free and doesn’t have any hidden costs. Let me know what do you think of this method in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter.

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