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How to Find Open Essential Stores During COVID-19.

by Vaibhav

While most of the grocery stores are allowed to sell essential items, not all of them are always open. So, if you don’t want to come back disappointed the next time you go out to buy essentials, it’s better to check beforehand about the open stores. Here’s how to find essential open stores during COVID-19.

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COVID Maps is a new web app, that shows you essential services that are operating in your area. And not just that, when you click on the store name, it displays details about the store timings, availability of items, and security measures.

It’s developed by two techies Sanjeev Rao and Phani Kishan Addepalli with the aim of helping people to procure essentials delivery during the lockdown.

There are other essential details to look out for, such as store and staff hygiene, crowd control measures, size of the store, etc. You must note that all this information is crows funded, so it might vary from store to store. You can also search for a specific store using the web app and filter using address and landmark details.

The best part is that anyone can contribute to the info, using the Add a Store option. You simply have to drag the pin to the precise location and add store details, address, safety info, and other useful information. Moreover, you can volunteer as a coder or contribute to the content with the WhatsApp outreach group.


  • Displays Essential Open stores like Groceries, pharmacy, clinics, etc
  • Crowdsourced data
  • Global Applicability
  • Option to add new stores
  • Details about safety and security measures at the store
  • Available in English, Hindi, and Portuguese

Visit COVID Maps 

Closing Remarks

You can use any of the above options such as Big Basket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry, etc. if you don’t want to step out. However, with great demand, all these stores have capped their delivery and the wait time is anywhere from 2-4 days. If this is the case use the COVID Maps to check before you head out.

Google has also added the details of Food & Night Shelters available near you during COVID-19 at the bottom of its homepage.

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