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How to Find or Add Link in Bio on Instagram

by Mehvish
Instagram Link in Bio Meaning, find, add

If you have been using Instagram for a while now, you must have definitely seen the “Link in bio” phrase in at least one caption. What does Link in bio mean, why do people use it, and where to find it? Find all the answers in this post. You will also get to know how to add a link to your Instagram bio. Let’s get started.

What Does Link in Bio Mean on Instagram?

In simple words, Link in bio on Instagram means that the user is referring to a website link that is available in their bio on their profile screen.

To put it in perspective, we need to understand how Instagram works and why do people use Link in bio? Basically, Instagram doesn’t support clickable website links in Instagram captions. If someone puts a link in a caption, it will appear as regular text. That defeats the purpose of adding a link as no one can click on it.

To overcome this hurdle, Instagram users came up with a workaround which is to add a link in the website section of their bio and mention “Link in bio” in captions. This allows users to drive traffic to their website, and blog, promote products, offer additional information about things, etc., from Instagram posts.

link in bio example of instagram

Earlier, Instagram didn’t support links for all users in stories as well. So you might have seen the Link in bio phrase in stories too. But, thankfully, Instagram now allows all users to add clickable links in stories with the help of the Link sticker. As a result, the Link in bio phrase appears on stories less frequently these days, but when it does, it means that the mentioned link is available on the user’s profile screen.

Now, let’s check how to find and add a link to your Instagram bio.

How to Find Link in Bio on Instagram

If you open anyone’s Instagram profile page, you will never be able to find the “link in bio” section or caption. That’s because it doesn’t exist in reality. As mentioned before, it’s just a phrase that means the link is available in the user’s bio.

Follow these steps to see the link in bio on the Instagram website, and Android and iOS apps.

Find Link in Bio on Instagram Mobile Apps

1. Tap on the user’s profile name (username) on whose caption you saw the Link in bio phrase.

Instagram Link in Bio Caption

2. You will be taken to the user’s profile screen. Here you will see a website link between the user’s bio and the Follow/Following and Message buttons. That’s your “link in bio”. Tap on it to open the link.

Instagram Link in Bio Website

See Link in Bio on Instagram Website

1. Click on the profile that says Link in bio in a post.

Instagram Website Link in Bio Caption

2. On their profile screen, the website link will show up under their bio. Click on it to open the website.

Instagram Website Link in Bio URL

How to Add Link to Instagram Bio on Android and iPhone

To put a clickable link in your Instagram bio, follow these steps:

1. Tap on your profile picture icon at the bottom to go to your profile screen.

2. Tap on the Edit Profile button. Now, type or paste the desired website link in the text field under the Website option. Hit the checkmark icon at the top to save the changes.

Instagram Profile Screen Add Website

3. Once you add a link, it will show up in your bio on your profile screen. You can now safely mention “Link in bio” in your Instagram captions.

Instagram Profile Screen Link in Bio

How to Add Link to Bio on Instagram Website

1. On the Instagram website, click on your profile picture icon at the top and select Profile from the menu.

Instagram Website Profile

2. Click on the Edit Profile button.

Instagram Website Edit Profile

3. Type the desired link in the Website box and hit the Submit button at the bottom.

Instagram Website Add Link in Bio

4. The link will show up in your bio.

Instagram Website Link in bio Find

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What happens if you click a link in bio on Instagram?

When you click on a link in someone’s bio, the website opens in Instagram’s internal browser. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Open in Chrome or Open in browser to open it in a regular browser.

2. How many links can you put in your Instagram bio?

Link in bio workaround has a drawback that you can only put one link at a time. If you want to drive traffic to a different webpage, you will have to remove the existing website and add another one.

3. How to add multiple links in your Instagram bio?

The drawback of Instagram allowing only one link in your bio has been overcome by the various third-party link in bio tools that allow you to add multiple links in your bio. Some of the tools that you can use are Linktree, Linkin.bio, ContactInBioLnk.Bio etc. These tools generate a free landing page to which you can add multiple links. You need to place the link to the landing page in your Instagram bio. Learn how to add and customize links using Linktree.

4. Can someone see if you click on a link in their Instagram bio?

No. The other person will not know when you click on a link in their bio.

5. How to link to another profile in the Instagram bio?

If you own multiple Instagram accounts and want to put them in your bio, you don’t need to add their links to the website section. Simply, click on Edit profile and then type their username (for instance, @techwiser) in the Bio text field.

Promote Products on Instagram

Adding a link in your bio is one way of promoting something on Instagram. You can also pin up to three posts on your profile to show them at the top of your feed or share your Instagram profile link with others via chat apps to drive traffic to your profile.

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