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How to Get Android 11’s Media Control UI on Any Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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One of my favourite Android 11 features is accessing the media controls in the quick menu. With this feature, users can not only control media playback but also change the media output right from the quick settings itself. Anyhow, if you don’t want to wait for your device to get the Android 11 update, you can use a third-party app to get controls on the notification. Here’s how.

How to Get Android 11’s Media Control on Any Android

To get started, install the app called Power Shade from the Play Store and click on Open.

Now grant all the three permissions to the app. Dual Sim permission is used to make phone calls or reply to messages directly from the notifications. To grant Dual Sim, just tap on the toggle beside it and click “Allow” on the pop-up.

Accessibility permission is used to overlay the app on top of the system and helps the app to merge with the system. To enable Accessibility permissions, tap on the toggle beside it and select the option “Power Shade”. Now enable the toggle and click on “Allow” to give accessibility permissions to Power Shade app.

Notifications permission is used to show notifications in the new quick setting panel. Just tap on the toggle beside it and enable the toggle beside Power Shade on the next screen.

Your notification and the quick setting panel will already be replaced with the new Power Shade panel. And you can also try out new media control UI in the quick settings. If it isn’t working, open the PowerShade app, open extras, and enable the “Integrate media Players in Quick Settings” option.

Now you can just open Quick settings and tap on Phone Speaker chip and change your media output to any connected device instantly. You can also play music from multiple apps and shift between them just by swiping left and right.

Wrapping up

Power Shade also offers a lot of other features like changing the icon size, shape, grid layout, changing colors, etc. You can completely convert the quick settings panel to look like a pixel or Stock Android. Anyhow, to access a few other things like brightness, wifi, etc, you need to give a few more permissions.

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