How to Get Google Calendar Events on Your Android Home Screen

Android’s “At a glance” widget has some nifty feature coming in Android 10 like flight details and reminder alerts. But meanwhile, you can use this widget to fetch upcoming events from your Google Calendar right on your Home Screen. Previously, this was a Pixel specific feature but this is how you do it on any Android device.

Get Calendar Events on Your Android Home Screen

If you have a Pixel device or a stock android version of Android, you might already have the “At a glance” widget available due to the Google App being preinstalled. In case you don’t, download the Google App from the Play Store. This will provide the “At a glance” widget.

To bring the widget on your home screen long press and tap on Widgets. On the widgets bar, navigate to the Google App section and drag and drop the “At a glance” widget.

Now, when you tap on the widget, it will take you directly to Google Calendar and you can add Events to your calendar which will directly appear on your Home page. Google Calendar also picks up important events from your Gmail. It notifies you about bill payment and flight schedule. If you have a Pixel, the events are visible on your lock screen as well.

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