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How to Get Instagram and WhatsApp Notifications on Samsung Galaxy Watch

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to Get Instagram and WhatsApp Notifications on Galaxy Watch

Most of my important contacts message me on WhatsApp or Instagram. The Galaxy Watch by default does not show notifications from these apps or any third-party apps for that matter. If you are facing the same issue, you can enable notifications from Instagram, WhatsApp, or any third-party apps from the Galaxy Wearable app. Here’s how to get Instagram and WhatsApp notifications on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Receive Instagram and WhatsApp Notifications on Samsung Galaxy Watch

We will be covering Instagram and WhatsApp only for this guide but it should work for other apps too.

1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on the phone you have connected to your Watch. Now tap on the hamburger menu (three-bar icon) and select the Galaxy Watch.

Opening watch settings on Galaxy Wearable app

2. Now tap on the Watch settings and then select the Notifications option.

Opening notification settings on galaxy wearable app

3. In the Notifications settings, select App notifications and then enable the toggle beside Instagram and WhatsApp. You can also enable the toggle beside other apps that you want to get notifications from on your Galaxy Watch.

enabling Instagram and WhatsApp notifications on galaxy Wearable app

4. Unlike on your phone, you cannot customize each app’s notification channels that you want to receive on your Galaxy Watch. But for some messaging apps like WhatsApp, you can create custom watch notifications. To do that, tap on WhatsApp and then enable the toggle beside the Custom watch notification style.

setting custom watch notification style on Galaxy wearable app

5. Here, you can choose Alert (notification with sound) or Silent (notification without sound) notification option. You can also change the sound and vibration patterns of notifications from WhatsApp. However, you can’t do the same for Instagram.

Changing notification sounds on Galaxy Wearable app

How to Stop Spam From Instagram or Third-Party Apps

When you enable notifications from third-party apps, you get all types of notifications. No way to filter. For example, when you enable notifications on Instagram, you not only get DM notifications but also get notifications when someone likes, comments, or uploads their story. It can frustrating, but there is a way around it.

1. Open the Settings app on your phone, select Apps and here you should see a list of apps you have installed. If not, select the See all apps option.

Opening apps in Android settings

2. Now tap on the Search icon at the top, search for the Instagram app and open it.

Opening Instagram settings on Android settings

3. Here, select the Notifications option. Here you should see all the categories of Instagram notifications. If you don’t see it, select the Notification categories option.

Notification categories on Instagram

4. In the categories, turn off the toggle beside the categories you don’t want like. You can also turn off Instagram and IGTV sections completely. Still, you can get notifications from the Direct channel that sends you notifications for direct messages.

Turning off Instagram channel notifications

Note that it not only stops these notifications on the Galaxy Watch but also on the phone. But this is the only way to get Instagram notifications without all the spam that comes with it.

Instagram and WhatsApp Notifications on Galaxy Watch

The above method not only works with Instagram and WhatsApp, but you can also use it to enable notifications for any third-party apps like Telegram, Snapchat, Google Maps, etc. Some messaging apps have additional options like custom sound for notifications. If you enable notifications for any app, you will receive all notifications and there is no way to choose categories specifically for the Watch. But you can turn off those notifications for the phone too to stop such notifications.

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