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How to Get iOS 14 Google Widgets on Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Widgets on phones have always been Android’s thing. Anyhow with iOS 14, iPhones also support widgets and as expected, they are better. Even Google’s own widgets on iOS are better than what we are getting on Android. But Android being Android, you can even get iOS 14 style Google widgets here, and here’s how.

Get iOS 14 Google Widgets on Android

Twitter user @josiah3123 has created Google’s iOS 14 style custom Widgets for Android which we can install with the KWGT app. As we are sideloading widgets from another third-party service, you also need to get a KWGT Pro key which costs $4.50.

Once you have installed both KWGT and the pro key, open this Google Drive link. Here you can find images of the widgets, zip file of the widgets to sideload manually, and an apk file that helps you to sideload easily. Download the apk file and install it.

Now long press on the home screen and click on the Widgets option. Scroll down to find KWGT Widgets. Long press on 4*2 widget and add it to the home screen.

Once added, tap on the widget to open the KWGT app. Here in the installed section, you can find all the widgets in the app you have installed from the Drive.

Click on the widget you want to add and you will be redirected to a widget editor. You can make the necessary changes if you want like changing the icons, background, shortcuts, etc.

For example, on the Google search widget, you can find the Incognito option. As you cannot open Incognito directly, you can download the Private Browser app and choose to open that application when you click on it. Or you can completely change the icon to Chrome and open the Chrome app. You can even change colors, shapes, radius, sizes, etc just like you need.

Once done, all the widgets you have added will be in the backup. So you can just add all the widgets from apk to the home screen once and then delete them. Once they are on the backup, you can open the KWGT Pro Key app on the Play Store and click on “Refund” to get your money back. Now even on the free version, you can still add all the widgets, edit them, delete from the home screen, etc just like before.

And here is the before and after of the Google Widget for the search.

Though getting a refund for your money is amazing, I will highly suggest you keep the purchase if you are fond of widgets and customization of Android.

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