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How to Get Pixel 5 Wallpapers On Any Smartphone

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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With the newly released Pixel 5 from Google, there is a new set of wallpapers that are completely in the Google style naming it as the “For Fun” category. Apart from them, Google also released two new categories of wallpapers in the Wallpapers by Google app for only pixel devices. You can check out and download them in this post from XDA developers. Coming to the official Pixel 5 for fun wallpapers, here’s how you can download that.

Option 1: Download Pixel 5 Wallpapers on any Smartphone

You can download the Pixel 5 wallpapers from this Android File Host website uploaded by Twitter User Mishaal Rahman. Just open this link and click on the “Click here to start download” button. Now again click on the “Primary download” button, it will download the Zip file. Later, you can extract the zip file and apply the wallpaper from the downloaded images in Gallery.

Option 2: Downloading Pixel 5 Wallpapers easily with any Android App

WalP is a popular app that aggregates stock wallpapers from all smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and of course Google. Not just Pixel 5, you can find the wallpapers from all these brands right after the wallpapers are out to the public.

To download Pixel 5 wallpapers, open the WalP all and select the categories tab. here you can scroll down and click on the “Models” option under Google.

Now select the Pixel 5 option. Here you can find all the wallpapers made for the Pixel 5. Just click on any wallpaper you like to apply and select the option”Set” to set it as wallpaper for the Lock Screen and Home Screen.

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