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How to Get YouTube TV Outside the US

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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YouTube TV is meant to cut the cord and go all-in with internet live streaming. It works on almost all the devices from smartphones to game consoles and everything in between. However, it only works in the US. Even if you are a paying customer traveling outside the US borders and try to log in, this is what you gonna see “It looks like you’re outside of the United States. YouTube TV is only available in the US.”

How to Get YouTube TV outside the US

Though YouTube Tv doesn’t work outside of the US, a good VPN can easily solve the problem. The next problem comes in terms of the payment method. Much like Hulu, HBO Max, or other streaming services exclusive to the US, YouTube TV also only accept a payment method linked to a US address. An easy to bypass that is by using Google Pay as your preferred payment option. Once you successfully create an account, the credentials should work on all platforms with a VPN.

As of now, YouTube TV has only one plan that costs $64.99 with a family share option to share with 5 other members. But there is a month free trial. So, here’s how you can use YouTube TV outside the US with the help of a VPN. Let start.

Get YouTube TV on the web

To use YouTube TV on the Web, you need to use a VPN service and connect it to the US server. Here I am using Proton VPN, but you can use any free VPN service that we recommend at TechWiser.

Once connected, Open YouTube TV and click on Sign-in at the top right corner and log-in with your Google account. If you have connected the VPN to the US properly, You will be asked to provide the Zipcode of your location, just Google it to find to zip code of the state you are connected to and enter any zip code of that state. For example, if you are connected to New York Zip code, you can enter 10001. Then just click enter to proceed.

Now you will able to browse YouTube TV to check what’s available in the service. If you’re willing to continue, click on “Start Free Trial” at the top right corner.

Now you can select the plan. Anyhow, YouTube TV has only one plan that costs $64.99 with family sharing for 5 other people and you can also use YouTube TV for a 5-day free trial, and later you can pay for the service. To continue, click on the “Next: Add-ons” button. Here you can add other channels like HBO Max, Showtime, AMC, etc if you wanted. Even though you have added all the add-ons, you can use all of them for free in the 5-day free trial. later you can change the subscription plan to stop paying for additional add-ons. Click on “Next: Checkout” to continue.

Now you can complete the payment using GPay. You can choose either credit, debit card, or Paypal. If your card comes under American Express, Master Card, VISA, JCB or Discover, it should work completely fine. Then click on Start Trial.

And that’s it, now you can start using YouTube TV on the web.

But you need to be using a VPN every time to use YouTube TV. Just in case, if YouTube TV is not working even when are connected to the US, click on the lock icon in the Omni bar and click on “Site Settings”. Now, make sure the location permission is set to block and reload the YouTube TV site, it should start working normally. Alternatively, you can use this hack to change the browser location country in Google Chrome.

If YouTube TV shows that it has detected VPN, try re-connecting to the server or try a different server in the US. Anyhow it will not distract with these messages in between, once connected properly, you are good to go

Get YouTube TV on Android & iOS

To use YouTube TV on the Android, first, you need to sideload the Android TV apk as it might not appear on your Google Play Store. Use this link to download the YouTube TV app. Open the downloaded APK file and install it. Unlike Android, you cannot sideload the app easily on iOS, but you can change the country of your app store and download YouTube TV directly from the App Store. Before opening the app, connect the VPN to the US servers. I am using Proton VPN here, you can use any VPN of your choice.

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Now open the YouTube TV, click on “Try it Free” to get started. You will be asked to provide the Zip Code, just Google it to find the zip code of the state you are connected to and use any zip code of that state. Now click on Next to continue.

Here you can check out everything YouTube TV offers if you are willing to continue, press on the Start Free Trial option at the top, and then click on Next. Now you can add additional networks (Add-ons) if you want, they will also be free for the first 5 days. And click on next at the bottom of the page. Complete the payment process and click on start membership.

Once done, you can start using YouTube TV without any issues. But do remember that you need to be connected to VPN to use the service.

If you have any issues even when connected, open App info for YouTube TV in the settings, go to permissions and block the location permission. And you are good to go.

If YouTube TV says, it has detected a VPN, just reconnect to the server or connect to a different server in the US. It should solve the problem.

Final Words

Comparing to Fubo or Hulu live TV, YouTube TV definitely have a better minimal design for anyone to easily understand the UI. But even after the years, YouTube TV is only available in the US. Hope YouTube starts its cord-cutting process in other countries too. Anyhow, if you are having problems in making YouTube TV working in other countries, do let us know in the comments below.

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