How To Hide Secret Files Inside Photos

Hiding secret files inside photos is an example of Steganography. Ever heard of Steganography !!! Well for those who haven’t it simply an art of hiding secret files in plain form in so that only the recipient knows that its there

  Uses of Steganography  

1. You can upload these photos on Facebook, Twitter, or via email and circulate your msg.

2. You can hide all your secret data inside the photos on your computer, and no one will come to know, even if they see the pictures.

3. You can pass secret msg to your friends very quickly, without getting any attention. This can be done by encrypting the msg also, but then it will arouse suspicion.

You will need compression software like WinRAR or 7zip. Here I will be using WinRAR. Just Google it and you can easily get it for free.

Steps to hide secret files inside photos: 

Before we start to Make sure that photos and text file both are in the same folder and install WinRAR if haven’t installed it yet.

1. Now select all of the files that you want to hide (not the photo), right-click on them, and choose the option to add to archive and name it secret.

2. Now you will get a compressed archive of name secret.rar.

hide secret files inside photos

3. Open your command prompt, change directory to the folder where your files are stored using the cd command. If you are new to the command prompt, check out how to use command prompt for beginners.

4.Now type the following command:

copy /b photo.jpg + secret.rar secret.jpg. 

5.  Once you hit enter, you should get an output like this and a new photo name secret.jpg.


And that’s it! The picture file will have been updated with the compressed archive inside!

How to read secret files inside photos: 

You can access your hidden file in two ways.

First is simple just change the extension to.RAR and open the file using WinRAR.

Second, open WinRAR >> file >> open archive and then select secret.jpg. Either way, you’ll see your hidden files show up that you can then extract out.

Check out this video on how to hide secret files inside photos using WinRAR



Note: Keep in mind that the same amount will increase size of the picture as the size of the archive.

I will recommend you to use .jpg format only for a picture in which you are going to hide secret files. If you don’t know how to change the format you can check out this how to change the format of any image to jpg.

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