How to Identify Fake People on Facebook

OK, one fine day a really hot girl added you on Facebook you chatted with her for a while and soon you were buddies. When you asked for her no or any contact info, she would only change the topic even go offline. This led you thinking whether she is real or some of your friends are fooling around.



Why people make Fake Facebook Account

  • Spamming and spreading a virus.
  • Profile made for marketing and advertising.
  • Testing friends behind their back.
  • Psycho lover was sending spam message and comments to their crush.
  • Some people are just stupid enough and no particular reason to fool around.

How to identify fake people on Facebook

Admit it if you are no good looking guy, no hot chick is going to send you a friend request on Facebook.  An act to survey 76 % of a fake profile on FB is of the female. And the interesting thing is they all have the majority of male friends in them.

The first thing you should do after getting a friend request from someone you don’t know is going to their wall, look for the following possibilities

  •  Photo

Most of the fake profile has a photo of some hot chick or cool dude, too good to be true. And the same pic is used by much other fake profiles worldwide; This can be detected very easily by Perform visit Facebook official faq on Google image search. How to search for pictures on Google Open Google image search and paste the URL of the image you want to search.

Quick Tip

If you are using Google Chrome then right click on the image once and then press the s key on your keyboard to do a quick reverse image search.

  •  Look for their friend list

The real profile has more friends from a single place (apparently the place they live/work), but this is not in the case of fake ones they send a friend to anyone and accept the same. So looking at the friend list will give you an idea of whether it’s fake or not.

  • Average no of friends
  1. 130 real
  2. 800 fake
  •  Thanks for the add

Now, this one is very common at least I have seen a lot of fake profile with a wall post thanking them for the add. One or two of these message doesn’t necessary means that it’s a fake profile but if you see too many of them, then better be prepared.

  • Status update

Routine status updates not there, and if they do they never tag people and place in a status update.

  • No of people in tag pics

2-3 people tag in pic real 160 people tag then it’s probably fake.

How do I report a fake account?

  1. Go to the fake profile’s timeline.
  2. Click the three dot near the message option and then select Report/Block.
  3. Select reason This timeline is pretending to be someone or is fake)
Report fake profile on facebook
Report fake profile on Facebook

For more help on fake account, visit Facebook official faq.


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