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How to Import Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendar

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to Import Facebook Birthdays to Google calendar

Back in the day, Facebook used to help me remember my friend’s birthdays. But over the past few years, many of my friends and I have moved away from Facebook. Nonetheless, I can still take advantage of my Facebook friend list and get all my friend’s birthdays on a platform that I currently use. Here’s how to import Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar.

Importing Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendar

Previously, the process used to be much easier. Just grab the Facebook birthday events URL and paste it into Google Calendar to import all birthdays. But with the current version of Facebook, that is not possible anymore. However, we can use a Chrome extension to get the job done.

1. Open Birthday Calendar Exporter for Facebook Chrome Extension and still it by clicking on Add to Chrome button.

Birthday Calendar Exporter for Facebook

2. Now open Facebook and log in to the profile from which you want to export your friends’ birthday list.

3. Then click on the extension icon at the top right corner and select the Birthday Calendar Exporter extension.

4. In the extension popup, click on the Start Scan button.

Start scan on facebook birthday export extension

5. It will take a couple of seconds depending on the number of your friends. Once done, it will open a pop-up where you can click on the preview option and check your friends’ list in the calendar view.

6. To export, click on the Generate button.

Generating the facebook calendar to import into google calendar

7. On the next page in the pop-up, under the Export birthdays as ICS file, click on Generate and Download. It downloads the ICS file with all your Facebook friends’ birthdays.

Downloading the Facebook Birthdays as ICS

8. Now open Google Calendar. To add your friends’ birthdays, first, you need to create a new calendar for it. To do that, click on the plus + icon beside the Other calendars option.

Plus icon to create new calendar on Google Calendar

9. Then select Create new calendar option from the pop-up.

Create new calendar on Google Calendar

10. Now give your calendar a name and description, and click on Create calendar button.

Create Calendar on Google calendar

11. Once done, click on the Import & export option in the sidebar.

Importing the file on Google Calendar

12. Now, click on the Select file from your computer field and select the birthday list file you just exported from Facebook.

13. Now click on Add to Calendar option and select the calendar that you have just created to import Facebook birthdays.

Importing Facebook Birthdays to Google calendar

14. Once done, click on the Import button to import all your Facebook friends’ birthdays to Google Calendar.

Clicking on Import option on Google Calendar

How to Delete / Update Facebook Birthdays in Google Calendar

The above process will only export and import, so when you add any new friends on Facebook, it will not automatically sync to Google Calendar. If you rescan and upload the latest imported file, it will create duplicates. To stop that, first, you need to remove all the existing birthday events you have imported into the Google Calendar. Here’s how to delete all entries in a Google Calendar so you can re-add the new list of birthdays downloaded from Facebook.

1. Click on the extension icon and select the Birthday Calendar Exporter extension.

2. In the pop-up, click on the Calendar Generator option at the bottom.

Calendar Generator option on extension

3. Now select Delete Imported ICS from the Google Calendar option.

Delete imported ICS from Google Calendar

4. Then click on Generate and Download.

Generate and Download to delete the ICS data in Google calendar

5. It will download an ICS file. Import the file into Google Calendar just like we discussed above and also to the same calendar.

Importing delete birthday calendar

This will delete all the previously imported Facebook birthdays in Google Calendar. Now you can re-scan Facebook birthdays and import the newly generated birthdays list.

Facebook Birthdays on Google Calendar

Instead of Facebook, you can also use Google contacts to add birthdays to Google Calendar. Instead of just exporting and importing as we did with Facebook, you can actually sync birthdays with Google Contacts. This will be a one-time process as once done, Contacts will add all birthdays to Calendar automagically as they are both owned by Google. Same ecosystem benefits.

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