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How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Telegram

by Parth Shah
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Telegram is packed with useful features, and it’s easily one of the best secret texting apps out there. However, when things go south with someone, the person can block you on the platform. Here are the top ways to confirm your blocked status on Telegram. Blocking someone is a privacy feature. Telegram doesn’t send an alert when someone blocks you on the platform. But there are ways to know if someone blocked you on Telegram or not.

1. Look for Display Picture

First, you need to look for the person’s display picture on Telegram. If your contact usually keeps or changes the profile picture and suddenly you can’t see it, there are chances of being blocked on Telegram.

You can try viewing the profile picture on your mutual friend’s phone. If your friend’s display picture appears on your friend’s phone and not on your Telegram account, you are definitely blocked by the person on the platform.

2. Check Last Seen or Online Status

Similar to WhatsApp and other messaging apps, Telegram lets you see someone’s last seen and online status. However, when you see your friend’s status as last seen a long time ago without a profile picture, the person may have blocked you.

Suppose you talked with your friend over Telegram a week or a month ago. If your friend didn’t block you, you can still see a specific date in your last seen status. Check the screenshot below for reference.

If the person has blocked you on Telegram, you will only see last seen a long time ago status (even though the contact was active in the last week or two).

3. Check Message Delivery

Telegram lets you check the message delivery on the platform. A single checkmark indicates that the messages have reached the recipient’s phone. A double checkmark means the person has read your message.

When someone blocks you on Telegram, your sent messages won’t see a double checkmark and reach their phone. You will only see a single checkmark even after a couple of days or weeks.

4. Try Video or Voice Calls

This is one of the most-effective tricks to confirm whether you are blocked by the person on Telegram. Usually, when you call a person on Telegram, you either see a Ringing or a Calling status. If the person has blocked you, you can’t call the person on the platform at all.

You will continue to receive Failed to connect error. Refer to the screenshot below. Telegram states that because of the recipient’s current privacy settings, you can’t reach them via calls.

5. Try Creating a Group with the Person

It’s another handy way to know if someone blocked you on Telegram. You can try creating a Telegram group with the person, and if you run into errors, it verifies that you are blocked on Telegram.


1. Open Telegram on Android. Tap the compose icon at the bottom.

2. Tap New Group. Search for the contact and try adding them to the group.

3. Hit next. Enter the group name. Tap checkmark.

Telegram creates a group, but you can’t see the person in the members’ list.  


1. Launch Telegram on your iPhone and select Compose in the top right corner.

2. Tap New Group and try adding the person to it. Hit Next.

3. Give it a name and select Create.

You can check the group members list. You won’t find the person in the Telegram group.

Confirm Your Relationship Status on Telegram

Overall, there is no concrete way to check when someone on Telegram blocks you. However, you can use the discussed points above and check if the person restricts you. You have no option but to use another messaging app like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Signal to contact the person and solve indifferences.

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