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How to Know What Fitbit Model Do I Have?

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to Know What Fitbit Model Do I Have

Knowing which Fitbit model you have is a prerequisite from the initial setup process of the device to selling your old Fitbit. It’s useful to know the features your device has and helps troubleshoot errors you may face. Most importantly, some are just fitness trackers while other Fitbit devices have some smartwatch functionality. So here’s how to know what Fitbit model you have.

Before Getting Started

There are some quite easy ways to find your device model number without getting technical.

  • First, check for the package or the box of your Fitbit. You should be able to find the model name right on the box itself for almost all the Fitbit devices.
  • Also, check the shopping history on the eCommerce site you have purchased your Fitbit. You should find the name of your Fitbit model in the title itself.

If these solutions failed to solve the problem, here are more ways to find the Fitbit model.

How to Know What Fitbit Model Do I Have

Let’s start with the best method:

1. Using Fitbit App

If your device is already connected to your phone, then look further. You can easily find the model name directly on the app itself.

1. Open the Fitbit app (Android/iOS) and tap on the profile icon at the top left corner.

Opening Fitbit Profile on phone app

2. Here, you should find the device connected to your account with its model name.

Fitbit device model number on Fitbit app

3. Instead of the model name, if you want to know the model number of the device, you can easily search google Fitbit Device Name + Model Number. This should give you the model number if you need it.

searching for Fitbit model number on Google

2. Using Fitbit Device

The previous method only works when your Fitbit is connected to the phone. If your device isn’t connected, then you can check directly on the device itself.

1. Open your Fitbit device and swipe left to find the apps.

2. Here select the Settings app on your Fitbit.

opening settings in Fitbit sense

3. In Settings, scroll down and select the About option.

opening about section in Fitbit sense

4. On the next page, select the Regulatory info.

regulatory info in Fitbit sense

5. You should find the model number right at the top. Unlike on the phone, you will get a model number instead of the model name. The model number is a 5-digit code that starts with FB and has 3 random numbers later. For example, the model number of Fitbit Sense is FB512.

Finding model number on Fitbit watches

6. Anyway, you can search the model number online to get the model name instantly.

searching for Fitbit device using model number

3. Use Android Fast pair

You cannot use your Fitbit when booting it for the first time or when you reset it. You have to connect the device to your phone, so it can download the needed software. In such a situation, you may not know or even find the model number from the Fitbit app or the device itself. The worst part is that the Fitbit model number is required during the setup process to connect to the phone. Unless you know the model number, you can’t connect from the Fitbit app.

Fitbit setup process

But you are not out of luck. Ever since Google acquired Fitbit, the device works with the Android Fast pair. So turn on your Fitbit device. It should show a download icon. Now get the device near any Android phone running Android 8 or above.

Android fast pair for Fitbit

The phone should prompt you to start the setup process along with the model name included in the prompt. Tapping on it will download the Fitbit app and start the setup process directly.

4. Check the Fitbit Products Page

In whatever state your Fitbit is in, either of the above options should work to find the Fitbit model name. But if you are facing some issues with the above processes, the only way left is to open the Fitbit products page and compare your device with the products displayed.

Fitbit products page On Fitbit website

Some models may look similar to others, but you can get a basic idea of the model. Other than that, just scan your Fitbit with Google Lens, it also should give your model name of the device.

finding Fitbit model using Google Lens

Either way, both methods are a bit unreliable, but at least these are your last options if any of the above solutions aren’t working for you.

So, What Fitbit Model Do You Have

With the above-mentioned methods, you can find your Fitbit model name and number whether your Fitbit is linked to an account or not. Even if your Fitbit does not turn on, you can open the Fitbit product page and check the model manually. Or you can use Google Lens to find the model for you. Whatever the case, you can easily find your Fitbit whether it’s a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

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