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How to Lower Brightness than the Default on iPhone

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Setting an ideal screen brightness can be very tricky especially when you’re using a phone at night. It’s a fact that even the lowest brightness can pinch the eyes in the darkness. A workaround to this issue is by using a third-party app to adjust the brightness but mostly they also fail to go below the default limit. But wait, you don’t have to go and test various apps on your iPhone because this sweet little trick will let you adjust the brightness easily. So without further ado, Here is how to lower brightness than the default on iPhone.

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Lower Brightness than the Default on iPhone

Access the Control Center on your iPhone and lower your brightness to the minimum. If you still are not satisfied and you wish to lower the intensity, simply triple-tap the power button and tap on the prompt, Reduce White Points. That’s it, you can now enjoy a low level of brightness and on top of that, if you wish to adjust it further, simply open the Control Center again and use the brightness slider up and down.  If you want to revert to normal at any point, just tap the power button again, and you’re done!

Remember, you won’t see the Reduce White Points options if you haven’t enabled it. To do that, open Settings and go to Display & Text Size. Then scroll down and enable Reduce White Points and set a default intensity.

Closing Remarks

Try this method and see if works to lessen stress on your eyes at night. Furthermore, you can also make use of the Night Shift and Dark mode to make the screen filter harmful blue light. You can easily enable these by swiping down from the top right of the screen. Then tap and hold down the brightness control, and select Night Shift or Dark Mode accordingly. If you have any doubts, do leave a comment below!

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