What Are Qr Codes And How To Make One?

 What are QR Codes? 

A QR  also called Quick Response Code is similar to bar codes, QR code encodes information in a 2-D form like in the web pages. This can be decoded by QR Code readers or Camera phones to read the information or directly go to your web page. Anything can be encoded like text, URL or any other data.

It looks something like this:

QR also called Quick Response Code

These tiny little QR codes are nowadays seen everywhere, in advertising, marketing, social networking. These codes are directly linked to the URL of your website or Facebook landing page.

  How does the cell phone read these QR codes? 

All you need is a camera phone which supports Java or Symbian application, and your phone can read QR Codes. You need to install a QR code reader, like this one from Kaywa. It takes literally 1 minute for  Android phone and other smart phones to find and install the reader.

   What Makes QR Codes Different From A Barcode? 

Barcodes store data in the 1-d format in which scanner reads only the width and distance b/w the vertical lines.  Thus providing small storage of data and fits for only identification of data. But our QR code is more advanced. It encodes data both horizontally and vertically in tiny little square shape. This makes QR codes capable of storing several hundred times the amount of data than an ordinary barcode ( approx. 3-4 kb ).

[  How to Make Yourself a QR Code Enclosing All Your Profile Details? 

1. To generate a QR code, Google QR Code Generator and you’ll find many free sites. Here I have used  Kaywa.com .

2. Choose your content Type and source URL. Kaywa.com QR Code Generator

 3. Fill in your details in the provided boxes.

4. Choose your Code Size. (L – Large is recommended) and click generate.

5. You can save the code or embed them into webpages with the code provided below the generated code.

   How Exactly Can I Use QR Codes? 

Initially, QR codes were used in Japan for commercial purpose but soon they were started being used for other purposes …

  • You can set them as your do on social networking sites- Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Put It On A T-Shirt or any of your brands..!!
  • Product or contact detail in the form of a link to URL, text or SMS.
  • Use it in your Business Cards.


[Note: The use of QR Codes is free of any license. The QR Code is clearly defined and published as an ISO standard. So feel free to use it for your commercial purpose. 

You can download QR Code Reader for your phones from here:

” http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/ “


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Another great QR-codes generator from bequrious  . It offers to generate codes for links, phone no. , email, facebook, YouTube video, sms, and a lot more features.


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