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How to Manage WhatsApp Community Admins on Desktop and Mobile

by Parth Shah
make someone admin in WhatsApp community

WhatsApp Community offers a better way to manage schools, organizations, and other related groups in a single place. By default, WhatsApp makes the community creator the admin who manages groups and members. But you can easily invite others and make them admins to share your duties like sharing updates. Here’s how you can invite, remove, and manage WhatsApp community admins on desktop and mobile. If you haven’t created a WhatsApp community yet, read our dedicated guide to make one and follow the steps below to add or remove admins from it.

1. Manage WhatsApp Community Admins on iPhone

Let’s say you have created a neighborhood community with related groups on WhatsApp. You can now easily make society committee members admin and let them manage the WhatsApp community simultaneously. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

2. Go to the Communities tab.

communities tab on WhatsApp for iphone

3. Select the community where you want to add members.

4. Tap View Members.

view community in whatsapp

5. If you haven’t added the person to the community, tap Invite to Community via Link. Share community link via WhatsApp or QR code. Since anyone with access to the link can join your WhatsApp community, you should only share the invitation link with people you trust.

invite community members to whatsapp community

If you notice people misusing the WhatsApp community link, tap Reset Link from the same menu to make the link irrelevant.

share or reset community link in whatsapp

6. Once other members join your WhatsApp community, you can find them from the same View Members menu.

7. Tap on contact and select Make admin from the bottom menu. Confirm your decision from the dialog box and you are good to go.

make admin in whatsapp community for iphone

8. The other person receives a confirmation message for becoming a community admin.

9. They can hit Continue to become an admin or tap Dismiss yourself as admin to reject the invitation.

accept or reject whatsapp community invite

Once the person accepts your invitation to become an admin, you shall notice Community Admin written beside their name.

2. Manage WhatsApp Community Admins on Android

If you manage a WhatsApp community on Android, follow the steps below to invite and make someone admin.

1. Launch WhatsApp on Android.

2. Slide to the Communities tab at the top and open a community info menu.

communities tab in whatsapp android

3. Tap the kebab menu (three-dot menu) in the top right corner and select View members.

view community members in whatsapp android

4. Tap Invite to community via link option and use the same sharing options (as we discussed above) to add members to the WhatsApp community.

whatsapp community invite link

5. Once the person joins the community, check them in the same Members group.

invite members to whatsapp community on android

6. Tap on the person’s name and select Make admin.

make an admin on whatsapp for android

Once the community member joins as an admin, you will see the Community Admin label beside their name.

3. Make Someone Community Admin on WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp community is available on the desktop too. Here’s how you can manage community members and make someone admin on WhatsApp desktop.

1. Launch WhatsApp Web on the desktop.

2. Select the community tab at the top.

go to community in whatsapp web

3. Open your community and select View members.

open community on whatsapp desktop

4. If the person isn’t available in your community, invite them via the sharing link or QR code.

community members info in whatsapp web

5. Select the person’s name and click Make admin.

make someone admin in whatsapp community

Community Admin Controls

Once you make someone a WhatsApp community admin, the app unlocks the following features for their account.

1. Admin Management

The admin can promote or remove others community members as admins. The new admin can now change the community profile picture, name, and description.

2. Group Management

A WhatsApp community admin can create new groups, add existing groups from their WhatsApp account, or remove groups from the community.

3. Member Management

WhatsApp allows admins to report and remove abusive accounts from the community.

4. Message Management

An admin can share updates using the announcement group that is created by default. The person can also remove irrelevant or abusive messages from the same group for everyone.

An invited admin can’t delete a WhatsApp community. Only the community creator can deactivate the WhatsApp community. The invited admin can’t remove the WhatsApp community creator as an admin, either.

Remove a WhatsApp Community Admin

If someone is abusing admin privileges in your WhatsApp community, you can easily remove the person as an admin.

1. Open a WhatsApp community members list on iPhone, Android, or desktop (refer to the steps above).

2. Tap on a person’s name and select Dismiss as admin to take away admin duties from them.

remove as whatsapp community admin

Manage Your WhatsApp Community Like a Pro

Before you make anyone admin of your WhatsApp community, you should learn about admin tools. What are you waiting for? Use the steps above and invite others to become an admin of your WhatsApp community.

By the way, did you know what are the key differences between a community and a group on WhatsApp? Read our in-depth comparison guide to learn everything you need to know before you make your own community and groups.

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