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How to Run PS2 Games on PC (Step by Step Guide)

by Mrinal Saha

select-game1Do you like ps2 games and want to play them on your PC? If yes is your answer, then you are at right place. Here is a step by step guide on how to play ps2 games on PC.

 how to play ps2 games on pc

PSX2 is emulation software for your Windows PC to run ps2 games. Although it is the best ps2 emulator on the web right now, we are providing you the best of the best.

PS2 is a very popular gaming platform for your television, and to play games of that platform on your PC, you may require a tv tuner card, a Sony play station 2 and games. But if you are running low on budget, then here is how you can try them for free. And if you like it, then go ahead and buy it.


  • Pre-Installed BIOS and plugins
  • Comes with best preset to run on any PC.
  • Faster installation than the standard version.
  • Already set controllers setting, for USB generic game-pad.
  • Games running on every new computer of  I series processors (haven’t tried with older PD’s, but if you do, then share your experience, in the comments)

Still, it’s a pretty long post, but installation won’t take more than minutes.

So read the whole process and follow steps carefully.


pcsx2 (click here to download it from official website)


Just open the downloaded Rar file and extract the psx2 folder to the location where you want to install the emulator

Keep in mind that this version includes both bios and plugins already so just hit pcsx2-r4600.exe and keep on rolling.


The emulator is nothing without games. And basically, they don’t even need any installation. To play the games you will have to follow some easy steps:

  • DOWNLOAD the ISO image file of game’s DVD OR  if you prefer to buy them as DVD then make an image of that DVD using NERO (u can Google this if you don’t know). By doing this, you will have the ISO file of your game, save it wherever you want.

[NOTE best way is to download the iso from torrent it will save your time]

  • Now open the psx2 folder and start the emulator by hitting  pcsx2-r4600.exe  now switch to MENU BAR>CDVD>ISO(click)

Then click on BROWSE (nearby) and add your game from your hard disk.

  • After adding the game now it will be in your ISO SELECTOR list then select your favorite game from here.
select game 1
  • This is final step switch to MENU BAR>SYSTEM>BOOT DVD(full or fast it doesn’t matter)
start game 2
  • Your game will start in a new window, double click on it and enjoy full-screen. Fun!
start game


Though the controller’s settings are already set for USB gamepads but still if you want to change them or having any problem then you can switch to  MENU BAR > CONFIG > CONTROLLERS(PAD) > PLUGIN SETTINGS

It will open a window where you can set buttons:


controller pad


#1 If you are new to all of this, then do not mess around with its audio or video configuration. And if you do, then remember what change you have made, because they aren’t the default settings, so restoring to default may not work.

#2 The performance of this emulator depends on the hardware of your computer, sometimes it doesn’t start with your NVIDIA or ATI graphic card but, with integrated graphics card. But, you can add this manually using your graphics card control panel.

#3 If you have a powerful graphics card supporting dx10 or higher than you can select in the video plugin settings MENU BAR>VIDEO(GS)>PLUGIN SETTINGS(always select the HARDWARE renderer)

plugin set


#4 Graphics are almost the same in every setting until you are changing the resolution but recommended resolution is NATIVE


#5 And if you want a break then press ESC key, the whole game will be paused and closed you can resume it from MENU BAR>SYSTEM>RESUME till you close PSX2. So do not close it in such conditions!

And that’s it. Enjoy your ps2 game on your PC.


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