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How to Quickly Check Mails on Gmail

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Gmail has a feature called ‘Reading pane’ that makes it easy to check your emails. Once enabled, it splits the screen into two halves, one half of the screen shows you the list of emails and the other-half reveals the content of the email. This removes the process of going back every time just to open another email. You can choose the pane to be on the right side or just below the email. But this feature is not enabled by default. Here is how you can enable the reading page on Gmail.

Enabling Reading Pane on Gmail

Previously, this option is called Preview Pane and you can activate it from the Settings > Advanced and scroll down and turn on the Preview Pane. But recently, Google moved the feature from Advanced to Quick settings.

To enable, head over to Gmail. This option is only available on the web version of the Gmail, so you can only enable it from the web. Click on the cog icon and you can see a menu.

Opening settings in Gmail

Just scroll down the menu and under the reading pane option, you can find two options – Right of the index and Below index. For example, if you click the Vertical Split button, it’ll position the place reading pane at the right of email, and if you click on it again, the preview pane will disappear and you will return back to original Gmail view. The same is true if you’re using the Horizontal mode.

reading Pane options in Gmail Settings

You can choose “Right of index” to place reading pane at the right.

Right of Index Reading pane view in Gmail

Or you can choose the “Below index” to place it under the list.

Below Index Reading pane view in Gmail

If these options aren’t available to you. You can click or tap the gear button on the top right-hand side of Gmail > See all Settings > Under the Inbox option, you can find the option called ‘Reading Pane‘. Enable it and save changes.

Inbox settings for Reading pane in Gmail


Once you have enabled it, you can toggle on and off anytime with this new split pane mode button under the profile icon in Gmail.

Shortcut to Reading Pane in Gmail

Wrapping up

Among both the options, the Right of Inbox is my personal favorite as we can get the work done faster as it not just separates, but also provides the good enough space for the content of the message. So what’s your favorite among both? Let me know in the comments below.

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