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How to Remove Background From Image

by Sudip
remove background from image

Clicking a perfect portrait requires you to have an ideal background. At times, you might not find it at various tourist locations or even at home. There are various online and offline tools to remove the background and replace it with something else. Photoshop, GIMP, etc. are some of the noteworthy mentions. However, it is not straightforward to select the background and remove it in Photoshop or any other Photoshop alternatives. That’s when you can use these online tools to remove background from the image – if you are not already using background eraser apps for Android.

How to Remove Background From an Image Using Online Tools

We have listed some of the best online tools to remove background from images for free. Before heading to the list, it is better to learn how things work.

The first online tool is called Remove.bg. It does the job pretty well, and the output looks promising. Let’s see how it works. Before getting started, you must have the image on your computer or the direct URL.

1: Open the official website of Remove.bg on your browser.

2: Click the Upload Image button if you have the picture on your computer. If you want to insert an image from a website without downloading, click the URL option, and paste the image link.

upload image to remove.bg

3: Click the Download or Download HD button to download the edited image to your computer.

remove background from image using remove.bg

It is as easy as said. One of the best features of this online tool is replacing the existing background with something else. It offers a bunch of background replacements you can find after clicking the Edit button after uploading and before downloading the image.

It is possible to choose either a given image or a custom one you got from other sources.

set custom image background using remove.bg

In case you do not like to have a background image or want to create one for any official ID card purposes, you can use solid colors as background.

No matter which tool you use to remove photo background, the summary is the same. You click an image, upload it to the website, maybe edit it (choose the replacement background), and download it. If you are OK with these steps, it is better to take a look at the following tools to find the most suitable option for you.

Best Free Image Background Remover Online Tools

Don’t forget to check the pros and cons list before heading to the website.

1. PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors is one of the best online tools to remove background from an image within moments. After uploading the picture, it offers numerous options to choose the marking if it has removed hair or something else, choose a replacement background image or solid color, etc. This tool’s problem is that you have to purchase credits to download high-resolution images. However, if you do not need the HD image specifically, you can always choose the Low Resolution.

remove image background using photoscissors


  • Choose image padding
  • WebP, JPG, PNG support
  • The maximum image size is 10Mb
  • Choose background replacement


  • Can’t select images from the web
  • No free HD image download

Open PhotoScissors (Free, Paid)

2. Removal.ai

Like PhotoScissors, you can choose an image only if it is present on your computer. The image editor comes with some options you may not need. For example, it lets you choose the opacity/transparency, blurriness, contrast, noise, etc. However, one noteworthy feature is you can insert a shadow, making your image slightly different from the background. Apart from that, you can insert text, header, etc. Next, it is possible to replace the original background with something else. It lets you upload a replacement, or you can choose something from the given list.

remove image background using removal.ai


  • Add text as watermark
  • Replace background
  • Change brightness
  • Set custom image resolution


  • Bunch of unnecessary options
  • No option to paste the direct image link
  • No manual selection

Open Removal.ai (Free, Paid)

3. InPixio

Unlike other background removal tools, InPixio users have to choose the background manually. There are an advantage and disadvantage of this method. The benefit is that your final image doesn’t have a small piece of background (it is common if a portrait has curly hair). The drawback is that it takes more time than other tools. However, the main disadvantage of using InPixio is that you cannot replace the original background with something new.

remove image background using inpixio


  • Manual selection
  • High-resolution image download
  • Choose an image from the web


  • No background replacement option

Open InPixio (Free)

4. Slazzer

All the standard options, such as background replacement, blur background, etc., are available in this tool. But, you cannot download or edit the image in HD for free. However, as said earlier, it lets you choose a new background for your image, and you can upload it from your computer.

make transparent image background using slazzer


  • Manual background selection
  • Manual selection and removal
  • Blur background


  • No option to undo wrong selection
  • No custom blur

Open Slazzer (Free, Paid)

5. Background Burner

Background Burner requires you to create an account to download the edited image to your PC. Apart from this simple drawback, there is no disadvantage to using this background removal tool. Talking about the features, you can upload images only from your computer. It has a manual selection option to keep or remove a specific part of your image. After uploading an image, it shows three or four different versions of your image, and you can choose one among them.

background burner online background removal tool


  • Manual background selection
  • Multiple versions of the image
  • Original size image download


  • No background replacement
  • Create an account to download image

Open Background Burner (Free)

Mobile Apps to Remove Background From Image

In case you are using a mobile and you do not want to use an online tool due to any reason, use the following apps available for Android and iOS.

1. PhotoRoom

It is a free application that allows you to remove image background instantly. To use PhotoRoom to remove the background from image, follow these steps.

1: Open the PhotoRoom app on your mobile and tap the Start from photo option.

photoroom for android homescreen

2: Choose either Camera or Gallery. The former option lets you click a selfie, and the latter enables you to choose an existing image from the gallery.

select image in photoroom for android

3: Choose an image and let it scan and remove the background automatically.

4: Tap the icon and Save to gallery option, respectively.

photoroom for android saving panel

The free version sticks a watermark for your information, whereas the paid edition doesn’t do anything like that.

Download PhotoRoom: Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchase)

2. ClipDrop

ClipDrop lets you click a picture with your mobile and export it to your computer. With the help of the companion app, you can directly send a selfie or any other image from your Android or iOS mobile to your Windows or Mac computer. The best thing is that it will remove background from the image as you send the image to your computer.

clipdrop for android removes image background

The free edition helps you perform ten such exports, which might not be enough for you. In that case, spending a few dollars allows you to access more features and clips.

Download ClipDrop: Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchase)

Free Sources to Download Images for Background

If you want to replace the existing background with a new one, the following websites will help you download it.

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the best websites where you can find countless images to use as background. Whether you want to see an image for social media or a portrait background, Pixabay has everything you need. Image credit is not mandatory, but it looks better to give credit to the image owner.

download image background replacement from pixabay

Visit Pixabay (Free)

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the best websites and alternatives to Pixabay. It is possible to download an image in various resolutions, allowing you to use them for any purpose. You can find images by category or use the search box to get the desired one. Like Pixabay, the credit is not required, but it looks better from the owner’s perspective.

download custom background from unsplash

Visit Unsplash (Free)

Wrapping up: Remove Image Background Easily

These are some of the best online tools to remove image background. However, if you want to click some selfies and remove the background, it is better to use mobile apps instead of online tools.

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