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How to Remove Titles From Continue Watching List on Netflix

by Gaurav Bidasaria
How to Remove Titles From Continue Watching List on Netflix

We often start a new series or even a movie on Netflix only to be disappointed by either storyline or acting performance. The result? We hit the back button and find something else to watch as there is no shortage of content to stream. The problem? Way too many unfinished titles in Continue Watching list taking up space. The good news? Netflix now allows you to quickly remove titles from Continue Watching list on desktop, web, mobile, and even smart TVs and devices like Roku. I will cover all.

Desktop and Browser

Netflix has an app for Windows but not macOS for some reason. But you can stream content on any browser using the web app. The steps for removing titles from Continue Watching List is the same for both desktop and web browser.

1. Open Netflix and sign in if not already.

2. Select your profile.

3. Scroll to the Continue Watching for [name] section. Hover your mouse over the title you want to remove and click on the X icon from the list of available options. When you hover, it says Remove from row.

4. Netflix will show a pop-up asking the reason for removing the title from Continue Watching Row. Irrespective of which option you choose, the title will be removed.

Note: If you vote up or down, it may reflect in the titles that Netflix recommends to you in the future using their algorithm. If you don’t want that to happen, select Just cleaning up option.

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Mobile Apps

Just like on desktop and browser, the steps to remove any title from Netflix’s Continue Watching List on Android and iOS are also similar. I will be using iPhone for this guide.

1. Open Netflix app and select your profile.

2. Scroll to Continue Watching for [name] section. Tap on the kebab menu (three-dot icon) below the title and select Remove from row option at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

3. Tap on Remove button in the pop-up that follows to confirm your decision.

Note: Unlike desktop and browser, Netflix’s mobile apps don’t ask for feedback on why you want to remove that particular title from Continue Watching row.

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Smart TVs

In this section, we will cover how to remove titles from Continue Watching row on Netflix using Android and Samsung smart TVs. It works the same so here you go.

Note: You don’t get an option to remove titles from Continue Watching list on Netflix on Apple TV for some reason.

1. Open Netflix on your smart TV. Scroll to the Continue Watching list and select the show or movie that you want to remove. Unlike web and mobile apps, you won’t see the kebab menu on the homepage.

netflix android tv

2. Scroll through the options visible on the screen right below the description and select Remove from Continue Watching option.

That’s it.

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Bonus Tip

Here’s a neat little trick I learned recently. Say you like rewatching old stuff. Who doesn’t? The number of times I have watched John Wick! To avoid cluttering your Continue Watching section, create a new profile and use it exclusively for binge-watching old shows and movies. That way, your original profile remains clean. You can also use it to create a new Continue Watching list. Just open a movie or show and it gets added to the list automagically.


1. Can you undo when a title is removed from Continue Watching list on Netflix?

No. Once a title is removed, no you can’t add it back. However, if you open the title and watch a little, it should be added back to the list again.

2. How many profiles does Netflix allows you to create?

You can create up to 5 profiles on Netflix.

3. Change seasons or episodes on Netflix?

You can’t directly change seasons or episodes from the Continue Watching list. It begins exactly where you left but there is an easy way to change episodes and seasons on Netflix. Read to find out.

Netflix and Chill

It is easy to remove titles from Netflix’s Continue Watching list on any device or browser that you are using to stream content. This feature wasn’t available until recently. Another similar option is the ‘Are you still watching’ prompt that Netflix likes to show from time to time. Annoying but thankfully, you can disable that prompt now.

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