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How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs After Restart

by Vaibhav
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Just like most of you, I have tons of Chrome tabs open all the time. Blame it on lethargy, I hardly close them, in hope of reading them later. The only solution is to put my PC on hibernation which slows it down over time. However, I recently found out a new Chrome setting “On Start-up” which not only opens previous sessions and tabs but has a few other useful options as well. So, here’s how to restore Google Chrome tabs after the restart and other options you might want to try.

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How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs After Restart

1. Continue where you Left Off

This is the setting I personally use. It resumes the entire Chrome session as it is after you launch Chrome. It’s great if you’ve dozens of tabs open and all of them have useful info. This way, you not only save the data but also make time to review them one by one, later.

To enable, launch Chrome and open settings from the top right corner of the page.

Google Chrome Settings


This will open Settings in a new tab. You can either click on “On Start-up” settings from the left side-bar or by scrolling down the page.

By default, you would have Open the New Tab page selected. To enable restoring closed tabs, just select the “Continue where you left off” option. Try it out, by opening a few tabs, closing and launching Chrome again.

2. Open Specific Pages

If you have certain webpages that you instantly open every time you launch Chrome, you should enable this one. For example, I use Wordpress and Slack mostly and this opens both the tabs on start-up. It’s easy and just saves a lot of time.

Select “Open specific page or set of pages” option.  Which gives you two more options, “Add a new page” and “Use current pages”.

How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs After Restart

To add a new page, click on the “Add a new page” option.

Now enter the URL you want to open and hit add. Similarly, you can add as many pages as you like, using the same option.

Next is the “Use current pages” option. I don’t really prefer using this. As it just launches the tabs that are currently open in the browser. For example, If I’ve Google and YouTube open and I enable this. It’ll open them every time I launch Chrome. It doesn’t matter if I shut these tabs or add new ones. So, you’ll have to manually select “Use current pages” over and over again, which defeats the entire purpose.

How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs After Restart

Closing Remarks

So this is how you set up a Start-up page on Google Chrome. My favorite option like I mentioned is “Continue where you left off” as it keeps all the tabs updated every time I open Chrome. I don’t see any use of installing an extension as this feature is customizable enough to suit everyone’s needs. I hope now you know how to restore Google Chrome tabs after the restart. If you have any questions, do leave a comment!

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