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How to Save and Export ChatGPT Conversations

by Gaurav Bidasaria
How to Save and Export ChatGPT Conversations

ChatGPT took the world by storm with its ability to generate text using trained language models. While you can save the conversations right inside the ChatGPT webapp, there is no way to export ChatGPT conversations in a way that you can download and share with the world. Users have resorted to screenshots which is ineffective. But now, there is a way to export ChatGPT conversations using a simple utility tool.

How to Save and Continue ChatGPT Conversations

Before we begin with how to export ChatGPT conversations, first understand how we can save them in the ChatGPT app. If you know that part, skip to the next section.

All recent ChatGPT conversations are saved in the left sidebar. Simply select a conversation to continue it.

chatGPT saved conversations

The first question you ask in the conversation will be the name of the conversation. However, if you can easily change that. Select a conversation and click on the pencil icon (edit button) to give a new name. Then click on the tick mark to save it.

rename chatGPT conversations

How to Export ChatGPT Conversations

Most users are either copying the conversation or taking screenshots depending on what they want to do with it. Copying text is useful if you want to save it in the notes app and taking screenshots is easier if you want to post on social media apps like Twitter.

However, ShareGPT, a Chromium (supports Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc. built on Chromium engine) browser extension developed by Steven Tey, will create a shareable URL of the entire conversation with ChatGPT within seconds that you can now export. The source code is available on GitHub which means it is open-source and the extension is available on Chrome Web Store.

1. Install the Chrome extension like you do by clicking on the Add to Chrome button.

install shareGPT chrome extension

2. Now click on the extension icon in the toolbar and sign in using either your Google or Twitter account. Follow the on-screen instructions for the sign-in process.

sign in to shareGPT chrome extension

3. Now reload the ChatGPT conversation page and you should see a Share button right next to Regenerate response at the bottom of the conversation. Click on that to create a shareable link to the ChatGPT conversation.

share chatgpt conversation using extension

4. A new tab will open. Simply click on the Copy button at the bottom to copy the shareable link to the ChatGPT conversation. Next to it, you can also view how many people have seen or bookmarked the ChatGPT conversation. Good for influencers and social media marketers.

share chatgpt conversation using sharebale link url

5. Users can also comment on the shared ChatGPT conversation using the comment feature. Click on the comment icon on the right.

comment on shared chatgpt conversation

6. A window will slide open from the right side of the screen. Type your comment and click on the Send button.

send comment on shared chatgpt conversations


1. How many conversations ChatGPT saves?

Right, nobody knows but with the new ShareGPT extension, you don’t have to worry. Simply create a link and save that link to your notes app or Pocket app. If you are worried, you can delete old conversations that you no longer need from time to time.

2. Is ChatGPT and ShareGPT extension both free?

For now, yes both the chatbot and the extension that helps save and share ChatGPT conversations are free. Looking at their open-source nature, we believe that will continue to be the case.

3. Can you delete ChatGPT history and account?

We have already covered that in a separate post. Do read.

Export ChatGPT Chats

ShareGPT makes it super easy and convenient to share and export ChatGPT conversations with just a few clicks. You can save important information or knowledge for later research and perusal. So you don’t have to worry about recreating the conversation all over again.

ChatGPT is not the only AI kid on the block. There are others like Bard from Google and Bing from Microsoft that decided to integrate it into their search engine. Here’s a detailed guide on comparing these three leading AI chatbots.

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